DCS Mission Submission : We strike at dawn (SP)

Hi guys,

I have been teaching myself slightly more advanced mission building than just plonking toys in the map and bashing them together. Here’s version two of my progress so far.

If you have tried it, would you be so kind as to critique it a little? I’m interested to see what you’d want changed or added and what you like about it. If a more experienced mission builder would look at it and critique mah technique I’d be thrilled.

Thanks and have fun!

Mission Title

Dawn strike


The enemy are preparing to strike our beautiful city of Bandar Abbas from their pirate airfield across the strait. Let’s be proactive and hit them before they are done with their preparations! Suit up, get to your aircraft and give 'em hell!


Blue is to strike parked aircraft and helicopters at the airbase to the south-east across the strait.

F-5E dawn strike.miz (3.3 MB)


DCS 2.5.2