DCS Mission Submission : Weasel Training (SP/MP)

Mission Title

Weasel Training

An exercise scenario that takes at least two flights (either MP or re-arming) to complete. You can choose your ride and starting airfield. The easy version could be flown in one go I think, but the hard one will kick your posterior.
Expect a Guideline and some flak on easy.
A Kub and some Strelas on medium and a Buk, shilka’s and Tor on hard.

The random one fires two flares north of the runway at Creech to indicate what the dice came up with.


There’s an ammo dump a little northwest of Creech Airbase. It needs exploding. There’s a bunch of air defences around it, so you may want to get your weasel on before trucking in a couple 2000 pounders.

trainSEAD1_hard.miz (3.3 MB)
trainSEAD1_easy.miz (3.3 MB)
trainSEAD1_medium.miz (3.3 MB)
trainSEAD1_random.miz (3.3 MB)


DCS 2.5.5 note: you do need to own the ww2 assets pack. flak rules.


Uhm, sounds cool but it’s impossible for me… with the Huey! :laughing:
I had a fun time trying though.

Will re-try with the 'Hawg.

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hawg might be rather suboptimal for this job as well. The combination of a ton of flak and an SA-2 might make even the easy one pretty dang hard on it :wink:

I think the F/A-18 is the only ride we currently have that can make ‘easy’ easy and ‘medium’ medium. Looking forward to running these in the viper!

I might make more variants of this using Hawk, Rapier, H-7 etc. I’ve been neglectful of teaching myself to deal with air defences in favor of BFM hops.

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I can imagine!
My idea, though, was to see what kills me and modify the mission slightly to find a sweet spot between “I can do it!” and “Ehrrr, nevermind, back to the drawing board”.

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Downloaded and will report back thanks @schurem

If you can blow up the ammo dump on hard in a harrier, you are my hero @Victork2 :slight_smile:


SIIIIGH! :weary:
I wish I had an A-6 :a6: … I’m sure I could do it.


You know me @schurem I’ll be lucky to get within 5 miles on easy :joy:

updated OP with a randomized version for masochists who like pain (lookin’ at you @Franze)


I just gave the easy one a shot in the hornet without doing any SEAD. It’s quite possible to blow up the ammo dump by just screaming in hard, low and fast. SA-2 sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

The random one is more fun though, good luck with that. I updated it on my end with a couple of signal flare telltales so one knows beforehand what they’re going up against.

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What’s the trick to get triple A and Sam’s to reload?

Put a standard Ural 375 or 5 ton next to the unit in question.

Did the random one, one sortie with Harrier was all it took. 2xAGM-122, 4xGBU-12, 1xGBU-16, LITENING, ECM pod, gunpod. SA-8s on the short end probably made it easier than it would’ve been otherwise, but they ate up my Sidearms which meant I had to bounce around with the Gadflies. Made them shoot all their missiles into the mountains, came around with GBU-12, bombed the launchers, used GBU-16 and GBU-12 on the ammo dump, plus all gunpod ammo (shot at 15,000ft, hard deck 10,000ft). Ammo dump blew when I was returning to Creech for a second run.



You probably drew the medium groups on your run, the hard flak is tunguskas and shilkas and sa-13 and TOR. It would have cut you to ribbons.

I got murdered badly trying to run through the medium flak. I should have done some more harm before running in at the ammo dump huh.

You had fun with it @Franze?


Enough fun to give it another go! I tried to run Viggen but it kept crashing DCS when I tried to build a custom mission plan, so gave it a run with the F-14. I got easy that time, SA-2 and SA-8. Coasted at 40,000ft and notched the SA-2s missiles, GBU-12’d the Fan Song, came back around and GBU-10’d the warehouse.

The trick to the SA-6 and SA-11 is to force it to waste ammo, eventually they run out of shots and there’s a gap. The SA-15, SA-8, and SA-19 can be avoided by coasting above 25,000ft. Can’t speak for the flak as I see them shooting a lot but I haven’t seen anything hit close.

The flak are window dressing tbh. Just for the effect of having black puffs in the sky.

I might give the TOR orders to shoot munitions, that oughta F with the plan, non?

Im so happy with having worked out how to randomize things in DCS. This gon’ be fun :]

Yes and no. Mavericks, Sidearms, all ARMs, cruise missiles, glide bombs, and everything like that will be targeted by the Gauntlet, but GBUs and everything else will slip right through.

I’ve noticed that DCS will lock up if I try to sign a Viggen as a Ground Attack mission. The solution seems to be to hit Save, exit out of DCS using the three-finger-salute, restart, go into Mission Editor and, select and delete the Viggen. CAS seems to work but unfortunately does not have there same options in the advanced settings.


It seems to be a particular problem with one of the mission cartridge types, if I scroll backwards to plan 20 I’m OK, but it crashes on selecting 7. Not a big deal, just need to look into how to use Bk90 without a waypoint.