DCS Mission Submission: Werewolf Strike

Werewolf Strike


General Sarukh, with the backing of the CIA has staged a coup in the peaceful nation of Dessertland! With Sarukh threatening the region with war and terror, only an elite team of Russian helicopter pilots stand in his way!


  1. Destruction of the western coastal defenses. General Sarukh has stationed many armored units along the coast to deter Russian intervention; these units must be destroyed to allow further operations inland.

  2. Destroy or capture Ras Al Kaimah airfield. This is General Sarukh’s primary operations center and the location of his most loyal troops. Destruction of this airfield is a priority!

  3. Rescue Spetsnaz commandos dispersed in the operations area. These commandos have intelligence information on General Sarukh’s SCUD terror weapons. Finding the SCUDs without their data could take too long, allowing General Sarukh enough time to use them! When you have picked up a team, bring them to our small beachhead in grid CP53.

  4. Destruction of the SCUDs scattered over the desert. If any one of these terrifying missile launchers is allowed to escape, General Sarukh will most assuredly ignite WWIII!

  5. Lastly, apprehension of General Sarukh! He is no doubt hiding somewhere in Dessertland. You will have to dig him out by searching several hiding places and bring him to justice!


This mission is based on the old Desert Strike game, except from a Russian point of view. A cooperative/PvE mission, it is intended for 4-16 (39 slots available) players, with an AI assistance option. Almost all helicopters start on ships, with some slots on the Supercarrier Kuznetsov and some on the old one, as well as various starting positions on cruisers and destroyers. It has some fixed wing slots, but these will definitely up the difficulty if used. All the critical objectives can be achieved by Ka-50s alone, but some need Mi-8s or UH-1s for personnel movement. MANPADS are featured throughout as well as various SHORAD, so it’s not a pure cakewalk. The mission times out after 6 hours.

werewolf_strike_pg_ob256v0.miz (718.9 KB)


You have been productive! I like the sound of this one a lot. Does anybody want to group up to fly this one some day soon?

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Yes, I am overdue to fly it & have to learn as I go so solo is not ideal! (Not a helo pilot)

I decided to dump a bunch of the missions I’ve been working on for the Gulf due to a few recent bug fixes as well as the fact I feel these missions are better suited to smaller groups in a PvE environment.

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alright! Maybe we can put it on HPN some time?

Absolutely, it’s already in the server’s mission list. :salute: