DCS Mission Test Request

Would you fellow mudspikers be so kind as to test this mission file? Its a Persian Gulf mission with navigation points and accurate blue and red SAM site locations, Red and Blue carriers, tankers, awacs, etc.

I use this mission as a single player mess around with different planes.

My problem is after the latest open beta update, it runs like a slide show. I used to get 80+ FPS with everything going, now it starts off fine, but after 30 seconds its dips down into 10 FPS territory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PGNAVSAMS.miz (47.8 KB)


Also I cant take credit for the sams and nav points, its a copy paste of a nav template (476th i believe) and a sam template i found online. Makes the map seem more lively and accurate.

Hehehe…I do all of my SAM placements from memory. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ready to go back to “stable release” version? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

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Haha. Not yet, besides this version will be stable next week.

Load that mission into stable and see if it works, there must be something that was tweaked lately that thrashed my FPS

Was gonna give it a go but mod required? Could be a problem with the mod.

No mods here, don’t know what it’s on about. What did it say?

Said “476 vFG Range Targets” when I tried it.

Oh yeah, I do use that. Forgot about it.


Pretty sweet training mod. I think the map template has the al dhafra training range on it too. Forgot about that.

Can confirm I get massive FPS loss on current beta. Starts out decent then slows to ~10FPS.

ETA: Deleted range targets mod from the mission and FPS went back to normal.

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interesting. Thanks for messing with it. wonder what the deal is.

There was talk about 2.5.5 busting up mods. That includes your range targets i reckon.

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I know that 2.5.5 changed just about every 3D object in DCS, so they probably have a new rendering scheme that requires updates for 3rd party objects.

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A-4E mod seems unaffected save for some pylon visibility issues.

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Frame rates in general seem down a bit, regardless of mods etc.

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Turns out they needed to rerender the mod (wtf is this), but the latest version fixes it. Back to my Realistic NTTR ranges and Persian Gulf templates.

2.5.5 introduced some changes to the model files from what I read, so mods with models have to redo a few things to make them work.