DCS Mods - the '22 and the Rafale... are these models valid?

Gang - I’ve been watching Growling Sidewinder’s Dogfight videos, and given the time it takes to make some of the ‘real’ planes in DCS… are these models really that good? That '22 video with the stealth, where he looks over his left shoulder, and the '22 is right there… I mean, really?

I know the goal with modern fighters is to make the contest completely unfair, but I guess my argument is in regards to the flight models. Same thing with the Rafale vid that just came out - a turn rate in the 30’s? I’m sure that’s possible in the Rafale and probably the EF2000, but it just seems — quick for a rollout of a new aircraft.

Does that make any sense?

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I can only speak about the EF2000 and at the right speed with a limited payload it’s a weasel.

That rafale vs hornet obviously made the rafale look like utter bovine excrement. 13G on the initial turn at 30 degrees a sec. Yeah, sure.

I also really dig Growling Sidewinder. He’s calm, cool and has a pleasant narrating voice. His format of doing a couple rounds, followed by tacview analysis is excellent.


I always admired in silence his situational awareness.

Are the flight models accurate?..depends some of the paid ones might be to varying degrees…some have flaws however the only way to verify a flight model is to get flight test data and compare. Is that available for the F-22/Rafale??..unlikely most mods are just for fun.

Can an aircraft sneak up on another one unseen? Well yes some sources state something like 80% historically of aircraft shot down had no idea they were under attack.

Most Fighters (pre F-35) have typically only had forward facing sensors (radar/IRST/Eyes) so if they have no support from other radars (AWACs) then totally vulnerable.
In a combat zone pilots /wingmen should be checking sixes and providing mutual support but typical virtual pilots probably cant be bothered. simply looking at a rear view mirror like the guy in the video is not really checking 6. Even spotting something with a missile on your 6 may not be of much use anyway.
Things get a lot harder with Stealth because AWACs likely cant help regardless.


imo this is the only strength of his vids, other people with great air combat skill just dont do the debriefing what is kind of not wise from them, as there are people who wants to learn and not just watch combat.
Apart from that I dont find GS videos any good.

F22? Rafale? IMO he is doing this videos because people wants to see this stuff and not because it is any kind of realistic or anything.
Always the same. EG there are musicians who started to do music they like but ended up doing music which masses wants to hear.
Just my opinion.