DCS: Mouse Control in VR

I’m pretty new to VR and DCS, but loving it so far. One thing I haven’t quite figured out is the best way to handle mouse clicks on buttons and switches in the cockpit. I have a small crosshair in the center of my view, and that works well for most things, except panels an the extreme left and right of me where I have switches that can be difficult to center my view on. Additionally, I don’t have actual mouse clicks mapped to my TM Warthog, so I still reach for the mouse to click.

I’m just curious what others around here have found to be the best means of interacting with the VR cockpit. If you have a Warthog,have you mapped the button presses? I’m reluctant to give up any of my current mappings, but maybe I’m missing a good option. I appreciate any help.


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There are various options. Mostly I just reach for the mouse. I find that I have no trouble placing my hand on it. For longer DCS sessions, I have a Logitech trackball, which I have attached to a cheap fabric belt using Velcro. I just strap it onto my right leg and it works very well.

I am considering getting on the waiting list for a set of MilesD’s Point Controllers. A bit pricey, but people who have them seem to like them a lot.


Hey @kodiak80 welcome to Mudspike!

@kodiak80 hey! Welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

Welcome to the madness. I’m just using that cross pointer and my mouse. I haven’t adapted to using “look and click” using a mapped button, although that would probably be the best for allowing to remain hands on the HOTAS.

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I have only tried VR in DCS once, but I was pretty happy with just grabbing the hand controller, pointing the laser at a switch and clicking that way.
That being said: I am considering both clicking with the mouse and the look+click option once I have a VR headset myself.

I really struggled to do that. Especially changing frequency and things like that.

Mouse for me at the moment

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Welcome to Mudspike @kodiak80.


I use a trackball to get the cursor close , and looking for fine adjustment , clicking the trackball . UFC entries on the Hornet in DCS , for example , are very fast using look cursor tracking .

Thanks all for the welcome! I’ve been a reader here for a while, and I’ve really appreciated the positive atmosphere in these forums.

@PaulRix Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and got my name added to the PointCtl list. It definitely looks like a great way to interact with the cockpit in VR.


After much thought, I just did the same. :sunglasses:

I’m no. 85…! :slight_smile:


I went trough phases :

  1. Assign left click, right click, mousewheel up & down to Mic switch, + VR zoom to mic switch depress.
    It is a switch very easy to reach all the time. you can maybe add a modifier to retain the ability to use this switch for radios.
    I find it very quick and very comfortable. Yes it can"t be a strain to access the most lateral consoles, but really how often do you do that during a flight ? ? almost never actually! During startup you might need to reach some of those more often, what I do the is grab the mouse and Check “Use mouse” in the options ! (remember you can do it in flight ! though I wish there was a keybind for toggling this option).

But I stay in ‘use mouse’ unchecked 90% of the time, you will be surprised how efficient it is, typing coordinates in UFC for instance, can be really fast.

  1. I built myself a wireless ‘mouse glove’ so that I have the 4 mouse button (left, right, mousewheel) always within reach, and can now use the mic switch for whatever I fancy.
    see here :

I wish I could add a fifth button for VR zoom, or a nipple stick for slewing the mouse, but I ran out of room.
3) I will test the PointCtrl, we will see if it is better, but for the moment I find my method 2 very workable!