Dcs mouse

How do i turn off the mouse movement changing the view? I’m using the A-10a and trying to use Simple Radio System with it, and having all kinds of problems. A big problem is when I try to use the mouse to change freqs, it just swings the view around. I looked for something to turn off in the Controls menu in Dcs, but there’s nothing for this.

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You need to bind a button for clickable cockpit on/off. I have it bound to my stick so when I need to move the pilots head I can click and swap in an instant

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I think the default is a double click on the middle mouse button / scroll wheel. It is a bit tricky. To go from clickable cockpit to view rotate/zoom is a double click followed by a single click. If you don’t get the second click in, it will be in the view side-to-side/up-down.

Double click to return to clickable cockpit.

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I never realised that. I’ve always had it bound to my stick and never had a look to see if it was bound to another controller. The mouse…would make a load more sense than losing a button on the stick. But I see your point about the scroll wheel. Can we change binds for the mouse yet? It would be so much easier to have a spare button on my 70 billion button gaming mouse for this.

Just found it on another forum: alt c
I tried the mouse click combo, but that didn’t work. Not surprised at that, since there are so many factors for any control: dcs key binds, srs key binds, windows key strokes, mouse button settings, etc, etc…

Different but related question. I recently hit the “Clear All” option in the controls menu. I had to rebind all controls for each module. OK. My bad and I paid my penance. But the one remaining thing to figure out is how to get the mouse to slew horizontally and vertically external view and the mouse wheel to zoom, also in external view.