DCS MP Event - Carier Wars F18 vs Su33


DCS Carrier Wars
Round 1
Battle on the Black Sea

4th of August 1900z: Official battle
DCS Theatre: Caucasus
Battle duration: 2 hours - One life per pilot
Open slots: 50 - first come first served
Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server
TeamSpeak Address: ts50.gameservers.com:9132
TeamSpeak password: phoenix

We kick off a new PvP event with the Battle on the Black Sea, featuring Russia’s SU33 taking on the F/A-18C newcomer!

You must have fun! Anyone found to be not having fun will be removed from the event :wink:


Are carrier capable aircraft required? Or can we launch from land to join the fray?

If so I need to try to add a tail hook to my Mig-21.

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F-18 vs Su-33 only here. And either no land landings, carier recovery only.

I guess I cold use my Mi-8 as plane guard for the Kuznetzov…not sure sling loading a pilot is the safest thing…oh well.

Do observers count against the 50 max limit?

Actualy Mi8 job will suite me quite well also. I dont have F18, and I dont know how to properly fly and fight in the Su33.

Oh well, I wasnt at home physicaly for the Korea event and now I am not at home virtualy for this event.

Or, is there anyone who can teach me in four 1-2h sesions how to become dangerous ( at least not for my self ) in Su33 ? :slight_smile:

I ducks to work weekends:(

AA-10s…lots of AA-10s.

Pings under 300 only :frowning:


I signed up but not sure if I’ll join. They only had Su33 slots left. That’s fine. The current F-18 is a real turd in my hands, anyway.

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(Bogus thinks). How can i go about understanding @smokinhole 's affinity to the hornet?
(Bogus looks) at hand, then toilet
(Mrs Bogus) in a high pitched voice … What the ###k are you doing… !!!
(Bogus reples). Science honey, science…


If wagering is allowed, I’ll bet on the Flanker team, unless the AIM-120 mod comes out before the event.

If not? Flankers loaded with as many BVR AA-10s they can carry vs Hornets with non BVR, STT AIM-7s and AIM-9s?

If you think about it, in its current state (AIM-7s and AIM-9s) the DCS FA-18C is analogous to an F-4 with much better performance (and no place for a passenger).

Any thoughts on handicapping team Flanker?

(Not really an off the wall question. The real USN/USAF we sometimes do this in exercises. In a Red Flag, my F-14 squadron was not allowed to use AIM-54 until the last day. It made a big difference when we hit the Red’s tanker at something like 50 Nm…Red didn’t like that at all.)

Even without the missile issue the Su33 has an advantage. The simplified radar is much easier to use as is maintaining a lock with it. Certainly not a fair fight. I like the last man standing concept. If they did an ever tightening rin of SAMs in the spirit of PUBG, that would be a hoot.

hard to believe the red planners let themselves get lulled into complacency so badly they lost their tanker to a known ROE change.

heh, we could do that with a bunch of missile destroyers set to be blind to eachother and closing in on the center. air quake royale!

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Yeah, well. The Red team was all F-15 drivers. I know they heard the ROE change because I was in the same brief…I just don’t think they thought much about the capabilities of the F-14/AWG-9/AIM-54 weapons system.

They were F-15 fighter pilots and thought pretty much exclusively in fighter pilot terms which meant dogfight (this was pre AIM-120 so their thinking is likely different now). Where as the F-14 crews were interceptor/fighter pilots, and this was an intercept shot.

I distinctly remember that debrief. Red Flag is on a tacs range so you can watch the whole air battle during the debrief. During the replay, you hear one of our RIOs call FOX-3 on the tanker…with an F-15 tanking and two more waiting. A few moments later, you see the tanker go dead. (Of course that didn’t stop the F-15s from refueling.)

After that a Red pilot stood up and said something like, “Is that really realistic? 50 Nm?” The RIO who took the shot answered by saying “At 50 Nm the Phoenix will find you and kill you.” Which is true enough for a non-maneuvering target like a KC-135 doing tanking.

Red was just lucky that the range didn’t also kill the guy tanking…I’m thinking a KC-135 exploding in your face while you are on the boom is at least going to FOD and engine…not to mention soil your boxers.:scream:

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ROE might be only one BVR shot per Flanker per engagement. Player must see his target–state Tally–before next shot. Just a thought.

Are there going to e spectator slots available?

actualy whats the problem? AA-10s aka R-27R caried by Flanker are SARH (Semi-Active Radar Homing) misiles. The same are the AIM-7Ms. And I was under impresion that AIM-7M are BVR.
Is the problem the slightly longer range of R-27R ?

I think this are realy even conditions for a good fight! :slight_smile:

Btw no R-27ERs

Weapon Restrictions

Air to Air

Aim 7, Aim9, R-27R, R-27T, R-73 Only

I was speaking the AA-10 Extended Range, i.e. the AA-10C/D, which I see is not allowed. In my posts, I pretty much only use the NATO nomenclature - 29 years a US Navy intel officer, that’s all we used…so I missed that…good catch and thanks for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, technically the AIM-7M is BVR at 38 Nm max range…I’m thinking that’s the range against a non-maneuvering target, direct head-on. Against a Flanker at a high closing rate that then begins to maneuver…even just the onset after its own SAR missile launch…and knows he’s locked up…maybe BVR…maybe not…personally I would’t pull the trigger until a bogey like that was well within LAR…but that’s me…its a personal tactical choice based on the situation. :sunglasses:

The current implementation (in DCS) of the AIM-7M brings you close to around 8 nm for a high(ish) Pk shot on a moderately maneuvering fighter in a head on scenario.

Chaff seems very effective.

In the RW that would be within VR…in the DCS world? How far away do labels kick in?

Normally I don’t like using labels, but with the limits of the simulation–any simulation–seeing aircraft at a distance is (to me) more difficult than in the RW. FSX is a good example. Other traffic in daylight needs to be within something like 3 Nm before the LOD resolution breaks it out; nighttime you can see navlights/beacons many miles away. I haven’t really looked at the same thing in DCS…and of course, jets in combat only have their dim form lights on at night…if that.