DCS Mud Hen


Has anyone heard how this module is going? This would be the ultimate one for me, have you seen how much she can carry?

If anyone is as excited as me about this and would love a RIO if it goes multi-crew then let me know.

I am more excited than an excited thing on National excited day, and that is very excited!!


It’s an awesome prospect, isn’t it? Let me pour some water over your excitement.

The F-15E is a very complex machine. Have you seen how much she can carry? It has all the gizmo’s. And it’s being made by Razbam.

Now they are a great bunch of guys, and their mirage and harrier modules are excellent. But they also took forever to gestate, and in the case of the harrier still aren’t entirely ripe.

Now the harrier is not a simple machine. But the mudhen is way, way more intricate. They are going to take forever to get it right. Sure you will be doing BFM and dropping CCIP in the first month. But the system’s won’t be fully simmed for years.

So better not get too excited. Even if it goes into early access tomorrow, it’ll be three to five years before its fully functional. And it’ll still have bugs. It’s that big a project.


A DCS Mudhen would truly be the bees knees. Unfortunately everything that RAZBAM has shown so far hints at them still being years away. Their way of doing PR leaves me scratching my head though every time. I’m not sure how much more “soon” i can take together with the same still shots of clearly not working systems in the pit before i call BS.


You can be my WSO (or the other way around) any time :slight_smile:

@schurem has some primordial wisdom that seems to count for nearly anything flight-sim related. Good things are on the way but don’t rely or hope on any of it coming out soon (and if it does, expect delays). The idea that some day we’ll have an F-15E featuring atleast one campaign made by BD (considering his track record of writing excellent campaigns for 2 other razbam modules, his air-to-ground campaigns such as the A-10 campaigns and the F-15C DLC campaign he already released) has me trembling in my seat as well but it’ll be a while before it comes out, I reckon. So best to temper my expectations and enjoy what I can fly now.


Yeah, I get ya!

I did a Google and it was 2018, then 19 and now nothing. Plus, I might be a Paramedic and not a real Harrier pilot, but I’m pretty sure the wings don’t just snap off in real life like they do in DCS…or at least I hope not.

Sorry for the derail but… What the hack do American have with bees and their knees?

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We english use a different term. Its involves a dog and its…procreation station


I would love the 15E. But i believe Razbam have said it will be human WSOs with no AI WSO i believe. So it wont be like the 14.

Then I’m your WSO!!


But the word you use for the dogs’ danglies usually isn’t recognized by colonials. So it’s all good in the end :slight_smile:


They need to make it like the old Jane’s/MPS F-15E then because you can’t make a plane MP only.

In the old F-15E sims, you could hop between seats but you’d still be flying when in the backseat (the stick/rudder would be active).

Or do it like heatblur and the f 14.

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Ouch. If true, that’s a ‘hard pass’ for me then dawg. That sounds like a real PITA, as you’ll likely need to wrangle up a buddy every time you want to do something meaningful. Is the IRL jet even workable without the WSO?

Other solution entirely; start with a more FC3 level version with simplified systems. Side steps the issue @schurem notes re the incredible complexity of the mud hen, and makes a Janes style control system as noted by @JediMaster more workable.

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I imagine that since the rear cockpit flight controls are such a fundamental feature of the real aircraft, that the Razbam version will certainly have them.

It can be flown without a WSO. I believe it would be like flying a C model. So you go do Air to air stuff and maybe drop some bombs. But something like an AGM-130 would be off limits.

There are many reasons why it took Heatblur so long to bring The Tomcat to EA,The “Punky” RIO is just one of them…I’m spoiled now.


BVR > Lock Enemy Target Ahead
“Hmm… No, sorry, can’t do that.”
BVR > Lock Target Ahead
“No, nope, can’t do that, boss.”
BVR > Targets > Lock target at 40nmi -20deg
“Got him locked up! Target at 29 miles! Damn it, I lost lock!”


Hope this isn’t true. I’d have to pass. As @JediMaster mentions, you should be able to get in the back at least, to sort things out, then jump back in the driver’s seat to pickle. Would make no sense not to have this; just put the thing on wings level AP while I’m rummaging about in the back.

You’ll still be able to use the weapons, sort of like right now in the Bug with AGM-84E; it’ll just be a bit more difficult as you’ll have to balance flying with targeting.

Ive been looking for that post all day but can’t find it anymore. I thought Razbaam had an F-15E FAQ up somewhere.

All i have found was some post from different people saying the WSO is to easy pilot load and that the pilot can do almost anything the WSO can with the exception of a couple things, like turn the TGP on.

So if thats true then maybe Razbaam just felt you could fly and drop as a single pilot. The 15E is more digital then the 14, so all the displays can display the same stuff, back to front.

The RIO and the pilot in the 14 are very different roles, where as the WSO is ther for work load reduction.

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