DCS - Multi Monitor Support

Hey there,
I finally convinced my wife to let me use the BIG TV screen for my simpit.

What would be the best (probably third party) software to handle Multi monitor support in DCS?

Notepad++ and some creativity in the lua files that defines the configuration options in the display options settings menu :wink:


Siiiigh. I really hoped for something more dumbproo… ehrrr user friendly.

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Not at desktop right now, but take a look at something like DCS iControl


It’s useful not for the ‘tablet’ part, but if I remember correctly it has a nice ‘desktop windows’ layout for DCS that spits out a nice config lau file, i.e. rather than doing the math on your screens width / position etc I’ve used it in the past to generate something nicer automatically by dragging windows around. The Windows ‘server’ bit it has has a UI for position DCS windows. It’s been years since I looked so might be bad advice, but take a look.

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Many thanks!

Yeah, I remember something like as shown in the video

You don’t even need to set it up, just hit the blue ‘Edit’ link next to the ‘Display’ line in the server app’s UI.

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