DCS multiplayer servers

Hi guys.
I have one more night of work and then I have 9 glorious nights off! We have our second child arriving around the 26th of next month so this is my last break before the mayhem starts all over again…

Just wondering if anyone could recommend any quietish servers for me to play with mainly the harrier with a little f15 a2a thrown in. I’m getting fairly proficient with both now and think I’m ready for a bit of online. I’m using the release version if it makes any difference.
I’ve tried the dogfight server and it was was possibly a bit too busy as I seemed to drop out fairly often and it took an age to get loaded up so I gave up quickly.

Any help appreciated as the online is all new to me…
Thanks :blush:


I could put up a cooperative mission one evening to give a gentle introduction to MP. I have plenty sandbox mission s to practice on. Or try an aerobatic server to fly without worrying about enemy planes to shoot at you :grin:


That’s the sort of thing I’m after @cib nothing too strenuous lol

I’m certainly not an expert yet by any means it I’m seeing incremental improvements everytime I fly.


How does Thursday evening sound? Couple of hours. I have a nice harrier sead mission and some bombing scenarios


Brilliant! That sounds great I’ll pop a reminder on my calendar now! I’ll be available from about half 7 ish.

Thanks @Cib that’s really kind of you. Looking forward to it

I suggest stopping by Hollo Pointe sometime; @WreckingCrew’s scenarios usually have a few Harriers in place for a relaxed environment and it’s not usually packed to the brim with people.


I was going to ask about that particular server. Have you got any joining instructions for it @franze as I’ve looked for it on the server list but not found it. I thought If I popped in sometime I might into callsigns I recognised from here.

Are you running the open beta? It’s usually in the list and if not, @Wes has a failover server with the same missions.

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I’m on release atm but I’ve got Skatezillas app just haven’t set it up yet due to time. Will have a look tommorow night as that’s when my (finally) holidays start so I’ll have a bit of chill time to set stuff up properly. Got a lot of flightstick binding to do tommorow lol

I too am on open beta using Skatzillas app is foolproof to update or revert

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I will revert to it tommorow and make sure its set up before Thursday :blush:

Yes, both Hollo Pointe and my failover server are running the open beta. We have been since some of the Hornet updates in December that introduced more weapons and a fix for the then buggy sidearms on the Harrier.

I still have to grab a couple of the missions from Hollo Pointe - all the ones I have now are reverse-engineered multiplayer track files, since HP was offline at the time.


Most everyone who plays multiplayer does so on the open beta; as I’ve said before, if stable really was that much more stable, I’d probably stay on it, but as it stands it’s not a whole lot different from the beta – and everything is delayed two more weeks!

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Hi V. The HP server went through a maintenance cycle and re-locate a couple weeks ago, but it is back (Open Beta). The missions on it run all day and will reset when complete. Many missions delay the action until a Client (you) take off. Some missions have a Radio F10 menu option to manually restart.

I just kicked off the Erl Sis mission. Lots of targets for the Harrier and Warthog, and if you want A2A then grab an F-15C or F/A-18C and head west past the highway.

Enjoy! And congrats!

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Ah brilliant thanks for the reply! Looking forward forward to trying that tommorow night!

Thats my week sorted then! Hollo pointe on my own and then @Cib on Thursday. Excellent! Glad I asked. You’ve all been a great help thanks :blush:

The Hoggit Training Map, Georgia at War, and Through the Inferno are all PVE “perpetual mission” DCS servers that have friendly low-threat zones with straightforward objectives for people to practice in relative peace. They’re all well moderated and great places to goof off. Bonus points - they all have simple radio enabled so you could probably find someone else to hang with if you so desire. (Or just to listen in on the chatter for immersion).


Excellent I will check them out as well. Thanks. I was looking at simple radio earlier funnily enough. Gonna get all set up tommorow and have a quick refresher blast as I haven’t flown since last Monday (except I flew for real on Wednesday) so I’ll get up to speed and jump on. Cheers :blush:

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@Victork2 I have had a hardware catastrophe so will be unable to fly for the foreseeable future :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I did see your post my friend and I didn’t want to put any extra pressure on you. Please don’t panic and I hope you sort your little problem out soon. Thank you very much for the offer. I’m sure we could re arrange when your back up!

I found a friendly aerobatics room last night while messing around and it was quite refreshing watching other people cock up more than me!

@WreckingCrew I have been on hollo pointe for a couple of hours. WOW! I love it. Thank you for letting me know about it its fantastic. I’m not exactly iceman on it but i had so much fun. I got a few kills in and feel pretty pleased with myself.

I’m glad I took the leap and went mp… I can’t see me going back now