DCS Music

Getting a bit bored with the intro music in DCS. I am downloading what I think maybe a nice change for this, they seem to be Ogg files. Just thinking if some of these add-ons dont work and needed go back to the original. Has anyone had experience with doing this and if so which mod can you recommend. Also how are they installed ???, would be great if there was an in game music changer.
This might also be a bit petty but I am learning the TF51D and in the start-up sequence you can press esc and choose to open the Manual for this aircraft ,but “its not there” and the Error message says failed to open DCS World/ MODS/AIRCRAFT/TF51D/ DOC/Manual.txt.lua. I had a look and found I had a couple of PDFs in this Dir ( may have put them there myself but cant remember). Is there any way of getting this missing file back. Am pretty sure you cannot change the files I have to LUA.

Repair would probably help with that.

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First thing I tried but no luck, still comes up with error. I certainly didnt mess with any files. I have a help file on the P51D so no big deal, but it would be helpful as a Kneeboard I would think. I wonder how many other people have this problem but never bothered to investigate ???.


This post should help get you fix.

As for adding your own music, Its been awhile since I have done that but I might be able to remember how to if you still would like to

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Mmm have looked at Skatzillas utility but not at a level to be confident to change stuff. Anyhow I found a mod in user files that changes the music but looks like its only the users preference - 1 music file. but this guy did mention that if you didnt like his music that you can change it, its a simple “ogg” file. I just might try this if I can find the correct directory lol. Would be nice though if you could change the music ingame. Cheers