DCS Nevada Grand Tour

Objective: Touch down on every airport in Nevada in a single flight.

The flight plan, 700 NM of route and 20 airports/landing strips.

The flight starts at Creech AFB.

North Las Vegas Airport

Nellis AFB

McCarran International Airport

Henderson Executive Airport

Jean Airport

Laughlin Airport

Boulder City Airport

Echo Bay Airport

Mesquite Airport

Lincoln County Airport

Fuel was getting low so I decided to do a full-stop landing at Lincoln and refuel there. The drag chute in the Tiger doesn’t reload, so it would no longer be available later.

Fuel was down to about 700lb and the right fuel warning light came on as I vacated the runway.

Refueling with the engines running.

Take off at Lincoln. Not much room left, even with a lightly loaded jet.

Groom Lake Lakebed

Groom Lake AFB

Pahute Mesa Airstrip

Unnamed Airstrip in Tonopah Test Range

Tonopah Test Range Airfield

Even though I still had plenty of fuel left, it was clear that I would not complete the route without another refueling. I decided that without drag chute I would rather do a full-stop landing at the 12’000ft runway of the Tonopah Test Range Airfield than some post stamp airstrip later.

Aerobraking for a full-stop at Tonopah Test Range Airfield

Refueling for the second time.

Tonopah Airport

Mina Airport

Beatty Airport

Yucca Airstrip

Yucca Airstrip has been an asphalted surface in previous DCS versions. Imagine my reaction when I realized that after almost 3 hours of flight and at the last stop before returning home, I had planted the aircraft in the dirt! At first it looked like I would not leave that place again.

But as the afterburner kicked in, I could slowly accelerate again and pull the aircraft from the surface. I guess I should have read the NOTAM.

Home sweet home. Approaching Creech AFB

Still no drag chute, so aerobraking is needed


Block time 3:12.

That was pretty fun :slight_smile:


Very nice especially with no drag chute. How did you navigate?

Mostly visually, as I know the map fairly well by now. On some of the longer legs I dialed in a TACAN station.

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That’s a great tour…! Thanks for taking us along…

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Excellent job, @MBot!

Sounds like a great idea, eh, @BeachAV8R? :wink:

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Nice. I guess I would have crashed at the third airfield :slight_smile:

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The F-5E is probably just the sexiest looking jet in DCS right now. At least to my eyes.

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I really agree. Nice choice.





[edit: the jaggies are cuz the author, not cuz the plane]


A wonderful project that I will try to replicate. Somebody started a posting war about how sexy the F-5 is. Well I’m here to put an end to the debate. It’s a scientifical undeniable extraordinarily commonsensical fact that the F-5 is the sexiest.

Oh, and by the way, what’s with the trees at Beatty?

Thanks for the pictures and the impetus to repeat your flight!

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The F5 has too long of a nose to be truly good looking. I’m with Erik, the M2000C is very easy on the eye. The French always did have a great eye for style.

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A haiku:

I have no coughing
Only disappointment in
e’ry one of you.

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Bitches, please…

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You have haiku-fu
It’s your sense of aircraft style
That’s sorely lacking