DCS Newsletters and changelogs (2022)

Am I late or is it still a good time to make a new year’s megathread?

The first time ED discusses the DCS:MB-339A official module, big news on the upcoming DCS:F4U-1D Corsair and its Essex-class carrier.

And the thing that excites me most: some LOMAC models are finally getting replaced! :partying_face:


hoped for some MAC info for short while… hope that it isnt sequel to FighterOps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Damn those are some detailed AI models. I can see why it’s taking them so long.

But… Are all AI models gonna be redone to that standard? At the current rate that would take decades…

Nevertheless excited. Glad they are back at it from new year’s break.


Oh man that bone looks shiny, can’t wait to feast my eyes on that one!

Those 3D models look like a much needed update. I was playing the Viggen Red Flag campaign and a B-52H Stratofortress was used to throw some cruise missiles during one of the missions. As waiting for my push time I was viewing the stuff going on around me and that existing B-52 looked really rough - about 7 triangles with not a smooth curve on the whole thing. This new guy though: :heart_eyes_cat:


Would be awesome if they added a 60s era B-52D to hunt in a MiG-21 :wink:

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Through the gunsight of your unbeatable and superb bomber interceptor, the Mig-19P? :wink:


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


Apache might be in Feb then.

This is my face on receipt of the news :

Surprise Surprise Wow GIF by E! Daily Pop

When I read the list of things to do, next week seemed insanely ambitious.

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