DCS: Normandy WW2


I think these are all core options, and all maps should take advantage, possible some textures and stuff might need to be tweaked and such, but I would imaging all changes will apply to all maps.


Exactly. Ignore the 99 things that are fantastic and laser focus on the one thing you find annoying. I’d submit that if people want to do that, DCS World will never be playable to those people since it will never be a perfect sim.


I think they understand how important clouds are, and I imagine its why they are taking so long to get them out. Clouds can be a huge drain on the system, so I am sure its no easy task.


Are you sure? What about terrain self shading? I remember someone saying that they were looking into using a different technique from what was used in Nevada.


We have 568 members and 2 suspensions. The first suspension was someone that claimed ‘he wasn’t allowed to fully express his outrage at how pathetically awful DCS was’ here (plus may have been an Ancestry.com employee, as he had some really choice words about our parentage) and the second one asked for their account to be suspended as (paraphrasing) this forum was ‘descending into a cesspit of anti-DCS feelings’. I like to think they both meet one day, perhaps at an airshow.

Cloud computing!? (I’ll show myself out).



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Damn it frog :smiley:


As I understand it, they will apply to all the maps. I know they are looking at new map tech in the future, but Normandy, NTTR and the New BS should all be on similar pages…


The “Famous” T-5 new map tech SiThSpAwN? I put “Famous” by the old batou post about maps some years ago, and disapear in the shadows, expected ED will moving on that direction.



Although we all know there are people doing just that, one must not automatically see complaints as something negative.
And every sim has its faults, we all also know that.
However, a flightsim is a complex piece of software, simulating complex machinery in a complex environment. In short; making flightsims is no easy task!

I grew up together with flightsims. My experience with flightsims dates back to the mid 80ies. Had someone told me back then that flightsims would be anything resembling what we have today, and that I would earn my living as a pilot, I would’ve laughed. :slight_smile:

Looking through youtube videos of what sims looked in the early days, I can’t believe that I actually spent hours on end, thoroughly enjoying playing with them. But I did! It was great! I learned a lot, and I played a lot.

Being a aviation nut probably helped, but I still can’t explain why my enjoyment with flightsims has been almost unchanged, through the years. I guess it has something to do with making do with what you’ve got.

I have always focused on the positive about a sim, and enjoyed that. Ok there was an occasional lemon, that was tested and discarded, but most flightsims had some parts that I could enjoy.
This is true even today. Sure, there are things I’d like to change in every flightsim. But I am enjoying playing with them even so, because there’s so much more positive sides, than there are negative…


5 comes after 4 most times :slight_smile:
I dont have anything to share on that though, I just know that terrain is now an active department at ED, I think it will keep pushing forward instead of us flying the same tech for years and years like the past.


Oh I get this. I have no use for an incredibly immersive cloud experience at 10 fps.

I would love to see DCS dynamically reduce the visuals to maintain framerate. I think there are addons for X-Plane or FSX that do this.

I mean, if I am in a plane close to @near_blind 's, and he drops every cluster munition on his wings at the same time, shouldn’t my screen go all grey and cartoon-like for a few seconds?

Or when @EinsteinEP drops a nuclear bomb during takeoff I would think the clouds getting fuzzy and lifeless looking would be a natural effect of what just happened.

Give me anything but stutters…


I was looking up some examples of modern cloud rendering techniques and why they are memory expensive… yeah guess once what I mostly found :wink:


LOL, those are interesting observations, perhaps owed to the quantum theoretic nature of the forum?

I never held you for a ‘panem et circenses’-type of person. :wink:


I stopped caring about anything additional with regards to Normandy when I read “collidable trees”. If trees catch missiles (and even better block enemy AI LOS), then all the rest is gravy on top. I’ll fly in the crappiest clouds, followed by the crappiest sun, as long as a Kornet won’t blast me from my hover behind a stand of trees. Yay…!


I took an entirely different approach to the same problem. I just don’t fly those silly whirly birds any more. Problem solved. :wink: (It has nothing to do with my proficiency, i swear.:stuck_out_tongue:)


Beach there were no Kornets or helicopters in 1944 so immersion may not be what you are after anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




[edit: also http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/focke_drache.php]


My first propeller purchase for DCS World will either be:

A-1 Skyraider
OV-10 Bronco
King Air



A King Air? As long as we can do Archer like drug deliveries then I’m happy :wink: