DCS: Normandy WW2

First pic of Normandy WW2. A Spitfire Mk IX on a normandy advanced aerodrom, build with STM cover.

[QUOTE]Seconds before crash landing at new airfield. :slight_smile:

SMT cover



Unmanned Spitfire.

Could be the cause of the crash.


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He’s looking at the compass. No wait, that’s the Hurri.


I dont think the pilot model is finished.

New pic from normandy (WW2)


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A few more have been posted on their facebook page:

Facebook link

Imgur Album link


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The town/village colors are really reminiscent of Cliffs of Dover, which makes sense… :slight_smile:

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The album is very good looking. Although the spent cartridges for the hispano 20mm is looking the same size as for the 7.62’s. I guess it’s work in progress. Or perhaps just a detail.

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New Racoon pics of Spitfire MkIX and Normandy Theater. Racoon talk the HDR is near to integrate on DCS: W.


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Does that go for modules? I thought preorders are generally 1-2 months ahead of release.

Right. Plus you will see a lot of screens and trailers about the same time.

Working hard… even burning sometimes.
Still have a lot of things to do!



New Racoon pic show HDR v2 on WW2, interesting light effects and shadow trees, that is not the final version.


[QUOTE]Less “Maddox green” as was mentioned here. )))

Actually something like this: in the light of dying sun.
(WIP screen - image quality isn’t final)



Outstanding. A stick of AB would make good use of that little park.

from a question about of AI units on WW2, Racoon show a Tiger II tank and get info about future news about them.


[quote]Spoiler of upcoming news (but not this Friday).
As example of new units quality.



Racoon (Normandy WW2 team) search info about base radio communications from allied and Germans, with procedures, pyrotechnics, lights, brevity code and more to build realistic aerial base operations on WW2.

More info here:
[url]Communications with airfields during WWII - Western Europe 1944-1945 - ED Forums

From ED Facebook, pic of WW2 Normandy Theater;

[quote]An early, work-in-progress image from the Normandy map.

Happy Sunday![/quote]

Racoon, from WW2 Normandy team, confirm ED has plans on improve trains on WW2 scenery. Add trains as objets on the editor and logistic system on a future



[QUOTE]There are two features actually:

  • train as a object for missions;
  • train as a transportation unit for warehouse-airfield supply system.
    It takes time to make any of them.

Not bad if ED can improve a truck logistic system to improve WW2 and others war sceneries.


New Normandy WW2 pics


More Normandy WW2 pics


Wow ! That is looking impressive!

Wow. Looking great. I’m afraid visibility of contacts will be bad against this beautiful backdrop.