DCS: Normandy WW2


I believe that is the modern equivalent to parting the Red Sea. The freedom form the engine is apparently so strong that the ocean parts in its wake. Fun fact. #themoreyouknow


I saw that black smoke in downtown Seattle (talking X-Pane here). I was excited! Maybe some new feature that I could investigate with my 407. Turned out it was an AI SR-71 doing flips at street level, belching smoke as she went. Bug, ya’ think?


Yeah… I remember seeing “F/A-18 Interceptor” on the Amiga 500 for the first time and thinking “This is it! Flightsims can’t possibly look better than this”. :dizzy_face:


I imagine the biggest problem with clouds is duplicating the exact extents of their ephemeral nature across multiple clients in MP.

Sure, I would like them to look as good as possible, but what I care about MOST is…if that cloud is blocking my view of that escort but not the bomber he’s escorting, while the escort does not see the same cloud and has a clear view of me… I’m playing with “clear skies” from now on. No second thoughts.

Clouds are either blocking LOS in the same way/location for all units on the map or they’re actually hindering the gameplay by giving me or my adversary an unequal advantage over the other.

While I freely admit this has to be a NASTY thing to code well, I can’t be accepting of que sera sera. It works like it needs to, or it can just go away.

In fact, didn’t Strike Fighters have that very issue so TK removed weather from MP, you only saw clouds in SP?


I had the same thing with Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat- I mean, LOOK AT THAT!

Go to 1:55 for Money Shot


Gawd that was a GREAT game!


It truly was… and without Dynamic Campaign! :kissing_closed_eyes:


A built-in dynamic campaign! I can’t find the link but an ancient gaming magazine ran an article that gave you work-sheets to do it yourself. You selected your time-line and difficulty, and then rolled dice to select a random scenario, recording the results by hand along the way until you reached enough missions to end your ‘tour of duty’.

Not very intricate but, hey, a little fluff can go a long way for immersion. :slight_smile:


The distance Flight Simmer would go! :rolling_eyes:


“Good thing this is just a simulator.”

“Ok, get back up there and try it again.”

Sometimes I wanted to punch Chuck in the mouth after hearing those phrases over and over and OVER and OVER…

It was the first multi-era sim I played, too. WWII, Korea, and Nam.


LOL I felt that with RoF when learning how to get out of the stall in the tutorial. You had to listen to the damn instructions for the entire tutorial (not to mention fly the whole thing, and wow did I hate the ridiculous climb they made you go through), only to fail to pull out of the stall again. Or worse not even get to the stall because your climb didn’t have enough power so you missed the top checkpoint :cry:


In the end I was good enough to face 15 F4 in my F4, in a disadvantage position and at low altitude and still win.
Must have played in the hundreds of hours.


I tried three times to do the tutorial campaign.

I quit three times at that ridiculous mission.


DId someone say propeller plane? So much propeller.


Oh…what the heck…let’s give it a whirl… Purchased…!


Push for power



Have you got a moment for our lord and savior Osprey?


There, right there, someone went full weirdo and just said- “Ok how do we f//ck with the brain of people already apt in flying helos and planes too?”

One guy slowly got up and said “Hold my beer”

And that’s how the Osprey cockpit was born.
The guy was the Janitor.


Supposedly it’s much easier to transition to the Osprey from a fixed wing background, especially the Harrier, than it is from a rotary winged background. The helodrivers are constantly trying to game the system, make tiny corrections, and do all the things you generally do when flying an aircraft that spits in the face of several regimes of physics. Problem is the Osprey was build to do all that for you, the FCS is already compensating for all that stuff, and all you’re doing is trying to create a bigger, better case of PIO.

Also the cockpit was designed to be similar to that of an H-53.