DCS on a Laptop?

In a few weeks will not have access to my normal VR gaming rig…or any desktop PC for that matter…for some indeterminate amount of time. So I’m getting a Laptop to hold me over.

The Laptop needs to do only two things:
1 - Run DCS in pancake modest reasonable frame rates - latest Intel processor (Core i7 ?) and capable NVIDIA card (GeForce RTX™ 2080? Works well enough on my normal rig) - minimum 16 GB RAM and 8 GB graphics memory?
2 - have a enough storage to easily hold two complete / separate DCS installs (think Stable and Beta) with about a dozen aircraft each and all the maps, except WWII - I want 2 TB but will likely have to settle for 1 TB.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated - especially if there s some company that specializes in such things.


Depends on how much you want to spend. I’d check out Asus republic of gamers line up. Spendy but should do the trick.

I picked up a 17.3" MSI GP75 Leopard on sale a while back. I7-10750, 32gb 32000 DDR4, RTX 2070 (the only major change I’d have made is going to something with 2080), an NVME 2TB and 2TB SSD.

Honestly even with the 2070, I still get well over 100FPS on average in DCS with all the sliders all the way over. The 2080 would have be mainly for a bit of future proofing. It’s a bit loud if you let the fans spool up all the way, but a pair of head phones solve that problem. Even using the “silent” mode which limits the fan speed and thermal throttles everything I get around 80 FPS.

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I got a Razor 15 inch for my travel… only 3 games installed Steel Beasts Pro PE, DCS and all the dlc/add-ons, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. All run on ultra at around 60 fps. I only have a 500 gb state drive… and 90% full…so buy bigger then that.

It fits in my saddle bag… use it for GoPro editing. jmo


@ScoopD needs to upload his laptop specs to this thread…

Smoothest flight in DCS ive ever had

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Was wondering where you were at since I actually RTFM and have started designing missions. Been re-reading your threads on mission building - you need to write a Chuck_Owl’s type of guide to help fools like me. Please

To your question: since you’re a retired General, correct?-) you can afford it. Check out DigitalStorm.com

Retired Navy CAPT so not quite so “affluent” :slightly_smiling_face: - thanks for the link!

As requested -

|Chillblast Fusion Custom Laptop


Wow - that looks great! I can do with the 2070 since this will not be my VR machine - lots to think about.

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I can vouch for this. Its a monster. I’m extremely jealous.

I’m tempted to buy one for ‘work’…


Victork2 You have a key need for a laptop like mine for work. At least, that is what I will say when I see your wife at the gliding club.


I completely agree. My asthmatic laptop is on its last legs anyway and I point blank refuse to use my sim PC for work.


I don’t notice the smoothness that Victork2 refers to. Just that it doesn’t give me any problems and runs well. As an ex int Sgt and grunt Major I don’t do tech stuff. I have found the laptop is ok doing visual circuits but the screen is no good for ground targets or aircraft. At gunnyhiways recommendation I got a large 4k TV which works wonderfully with the laptop. The next few weeks should also bring a reverb g2


I see a sim-pit coming soon, based on a laptop and designed to fit into a truck cab

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I severely doubt that tesco will let me do that. However one that fits snugly into a Hilux would be useful haha

I’m still playing on a Razer blade 14 from 2016. Ever since I went 1440p I added an external graphics card (used 1080ti) because the included 1060 wasn’t enough (but for a pretty basic 1080p the 1060 did the trick). The laptop was plenty to got me hooked on the first FC3 Eagle training missions and campaigns.

But the downside of high power PC laptops is the ridiculously loud fans all the time. That has been something inevitable (not surprised Apple is changing the whole hardware ordeal, and not surprised they chased their macs to be mostly silent with such drastic measures). It seems pre-historical to be dealing with loud blowing fans into our electronics in 2020… I’d consider this to be the last piece of the laptop puzzle.

But still… with todays machines and mobile graphics chips, you will certainly run DCS beautifully in 1080p.

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I expected the fans to kick in on DCS. Pleased to say they are both quiet and often ‘off’ with my laptop. Noise is not an issue

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Thanks to all!

This is what I decided on:
New Alienware m17 R3 17.3 inch FHD Gaming Laptop (Luna Light) Intel Core i7-10750H 10th Gen, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6.

Not quite the highest of the high ends, but it should serve my needs at a an affordable price.

The Chill Blast and Digital Storm offerings were awesome!…I almost shorted out my current laptop from drooling over them - a shout out thanks to @ScoopD and @piper for the suggestions - will keep those at my fingertips for the future.


You may need a 4k tv to see the small dots, eg carrier landing signal, aircraft and ground targets.

If you can still modify your build, I’d recommend going to 32gb of RAM. As we all know DCS is a hungry beast, and I certainly haven’t regretted having 32gb on my laptop. Plus it’s one of the cheaper up grades.

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