DCS on PilotEdge

I have no experience with PilotEdge - nor no real opinions on it…but I actually think it is interesting that they will be doing real time ATC using DCS.

From the developer:

That was fun. The software should be released early next week support the A-10C for now.

It works as follows: you still connect to DCS multiplayer if you wanna see other DCS planes, but you connect to PE for the ATC. ATC will see all DCS players (no surprise there)non-DCS players will see all DCS traffic DCS players will only see other DCS players through DCS multiplayer. In other words, traffic isn’t being pushed into DCS. Not sure if we can do that yet.

We’ll be opening Nellis, Creech and Tonopah Test Range towers.

The real kicker will be when the next release of the Nevada scenery happens later this year with a bunch of airports already in the PE coverage area.

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