Dcs on random taking ages to start

New reinstall
Dcs + windows on the same ssd
(Have another one but it’s a super old intel g2 that i use for other games)

At random when i start DCS (in VR) it takes 5min just to launch…


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It may be rebuilding shaders. Was this on different maps (ie: on map changes - so the slowdown might be attributed to building shaders for a map that has not been loaded previously). The dcs.log file may help if it shows a long time doing a task (time is on the left I believe).


Mmm it’s not when launching a mission on a specific map, but at the game start! :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll check that! TY!

Simple thing to check to - watch their performance monitor. If it’s Windows 10, you can see disk activity in the task manager.

I run DCS and Windows on separate SSD’s but DCS still has micro-pauses if Windows is made to wait for something on that SSD (which isn’t that high performance and I now wish I had spent the extra $)

With both on one, if Windows is working on something - downloading updates, indexing etc, you may experience slow down.

Where is your page file? How much RAM?
I have 32GB of Ram and DCS still gets some data in the page file.

Now if you have DCS, Windows & the page file on one SSD, without enough RAM (16GB minimum) you are definitely going to be kept waiting as you will have DCS wait for Windows, plus DCS having to be read and written to the page file.

You can watch page file activity in the performance monitor by going to the disk tab and looking for DCS.exe writing to pagefile.sys on whichever drive it’s located.

16gb ram
and (if i remember right) fixed 32gb pagefile on the second SSD!

i’ll give it a go on performance monitor while launching it!

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