DCS Online, my new vice

Hi My Muddy friends,
I’ve been putting off this post for some time. While it may not mean much to some, it certainly had a big impact on me. We can all agree that COVID means more gaming. For years I’ve been wondering if I could play DCS online. I always had excuses including I’m not good enough. About three weeks ago I discovered how to join servers. I found a dogfighting room and was humbled for a while. Next day I came in and even though I got no kills, I had a lot of fun. I was flying the MiG-19. Day 3 and I am gunning for a fight. I got my first two kills in a MiG21. I cant get the MiG 21 countermeasures to fire… So Viper it is. Now this is a dogfighter!!!
I ended up having a blast there. The best was when I was asked to go 1 on 1 w a guy guns only. His hornet fell to my guns 7 to 2. It was a really great experience and I cant wait to see him again. That guy can dance. Last night I worked out the HMD on the Viper… It’s so unfair to other players :grin:
I’m an American living in Qatar. Playing in USA servers is not good. My ping would be too high. But I hope to catch up w some of you Old World players soon.


Alas if only this were true for me. For me COVID means more family time. Sometimes quality, sometimes not :slight_smile:


I’m all for cooperative flying online, it’s my favorite thing in simming. SP is second, but then it depends even more on the mission. Some are great, some are blah, but at least you can use time compression!

Adversarial hasn’t interested me in over 25 years. I did it in the Falcon 3 days when I had better reflexes and vision and didn’t care for it then. Of course, many of the things that people really like do not produce any enjoyment for me, either, so I’m not surprised.

Gambling, drinking, spectator sports, coffee, tea, seafood, “thrill seeking”, pride in any group (such as country, sports team, school, etc), gossip, trying to make yourself feel better by putting down others as inferior (including racism, classism, nationalism), political ideologies…none of it does anything for me. I just stare at the people who exhibit such zeal like I imagine a visitor from another planet would.


I am still in this phase :grin: but due to all of the SP content waiting for me (DCS & Il2) I am in no rush, though.

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@Maico. Congratulations! Multiplayer has its ups and downs. You found the up. As I get older I am less inclined to duke it out at 50 paces. I was never very good at gunnery even when my reflexes were sharp. So I also prefer cooperative experiences.

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For those of you who say you’re not good enough: it hinges on where you play. A lot of the PvP servers are based on individual skill because team cohesion isn’t emphasized, nor is the scenario built with a series of objectives in mind. Typically, they’re free for all. However, you can find a bunch of servers out there where PvP fighters isn’t emphasized, but your ability to work as a team to achieve objectives. If you can work with comms and read a briefing, you’ve got what you need to play in multiplayer.


I’m no young buck. I’m cruising my middle 50s and I have my good and bad days. My reflexes are good. I love the competition of the dogfighting. Coops with a purpose are very immersive. I cant remember flying one w someone. Objectives are cool. But extremely long missions w lots of auto pilot are not my thing. For over 10 years I’ve been doing SP dogfighting and I love it. It paid off I guess.

Next time I run a fight club, be there. We need to measure richards dance :slight_smile:

I love 1v1 gunzo bfm. Aerial jiu jitsu.

Theres a couple reasons I dont always fly online. One is my very fragmented time availability. I need that pause button!
Second is that sparring with a live partner is about three times as intensive as blasting bots. I am old enough to run a risk of getting VR hangovers from doing pvp bfm too long without breaks.

But I agree, it’s exhilarating to dance with a live opponent!


Who knew @schurem! A man after my own heart. I agree, theres a limit. After 20 to 30 minutes of PvP I’m like “Wheres the floor!?” Then I’m ready to fly the A-10-Couch to put some LGB on a TGT. The last couple of days… 15 to 25 minutes max. I’m not invested in these people. I hardly know them. And there is no respect in df rooms. That irks me. I need to fly w friends.
I must also admit that I’m Discord stupid. I have the program but never used it. So there is that.
I’ll be off tonight and tomorrow. Hope we can hook up for a match soon. I’m at GMT +3 so hope you are close.

Working today and it’s a hot day, heavy labor. So I may not be my best. But tomorrow’s the weekend, so yeah, let’s do it!

Fight club @ schurems’, 20:00 local. I’m in :netherlands: GMT+2 iirc.

Oh GMT +2!!! We are practically neighbors, yay! See ya at 8pm tomorrow. I’m kinda Done today too. And it’s a 12 hour day. Tomorrow is way better.

Its Party time!!!

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I’m in.

Its yo’ ass Mr Postman!!

Yes my as was posted, stamped and delivered to the earth in many ways. BUT I HAD A BALL!
THANK YOU @schurem for making it happen. And to all you lot who apologized when you shot me @Franze lol. Really! Thank you all. This was awesome. I was fascinated w the talent you guys have. This is what I wanted, to play w folks who love the sim. I’ll sleep good tonight after the thrashing i got. It was good meeting you all.


And tonight was really unstructured, just goofin’ around and playing with the toys tbh.
Perhaps tomorrow we’ll try a little more structured approach, with two going at it while the rest spectate and comment.

Glad you liked it. With friends and community members is so much better than with internet rando’s.

Nobody online tonight?

We went around for about 5 hours starting at roughly 1800UTC.

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