DCS | Operation All Enemy Lives Matter : A-10/F/A-18C FREE Multiplayer CoOp Mission

Hello Everyone!

This is my first mission submission to the DCS community. My goal was to create a Co-Op multiplayer mission that is challenging but more importantly, a mission that provides some kick-ass fun and also utilize my professional skills as an IT professional in the movie industry. Creating a scenario with a full sense of immersion was one of my goals, and hopefully, it hits the mark?!

My brother-in-law and I had a BLAST completing the mission along with two failed attempts. It only makes sense to share this with the community that has helped fulfill my flight dreams and excitement for blowing sh*t up!

********************* Mission Details *********************
Operation All Enemy Lives Matter

It’s a December early morning when sirens and warnings go off on the base as Russian forces are advancing on an attack. Your task is to provide CAS and standby for the next orders as the attack unfolds.

This is a CAS mission where orders drop based on completing the mission objectives. Protecting the base is critical.

Multiplayer Co-op (2-4) * Designed for 2 players; includes support for up to 6 players
Requirements: A-10C II or F/A-18C

Playable Slots
3) A-10C II
3 ) F/A-18C

Map: Caucasus
Time to Complete Mission: Give yourselves 3-4 hours * Depending on skill level

Built and tested with the latest DCS Beta version:

Known bugs: There is a moving train that may not appear on the F10 map. The train DOES appear in the game; proceed with objectives.

Download it, share it, leave feedback, etc. Most importantly have fun.

Have a fantastic flight & go get some!

Download link → Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
The file is too large for the 5MB limit.
File hosted on Microsoft OneDrive



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I’ve updated some notes with details on changing the primary aircraft, trigger notes, etc. I’m going to refer everyone to my post on DC Forum since they do allow edits and updates on posts.


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Mission Trailer

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