DCS problem (offline)

The good thing about being April 23 now is that you have much longer till the magazine deadline! :wink:


LOL, well, being out in the country with a rural (aka unreliable) connection, means that having a backup connection is a great thing. I wish I had a decent cable connection, but I live too far out of town for that.

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I’m going back to 2005 to find Mark Zuckerberg to invest some money later too. Anyone want me to pass along some messages? Likes?

Don’t worry, the internet will never be a thing. People like to read newspapers.


You’re right. I’m putting my weight behind that next MC Hammer album…

iPhone can also act as a hotspot via USB connection. So it is both the modem/router and WiFi adapter.

I always use offline mode.

I live in Australia and have to use the NBN…

I wish this were possible…but when I select Hot Spot this is what pops up on my phone:

What evil is this?!?
I thought it was bad we have overcharged plans and no unlimited data. Yet a Canuck having more freedom with his phone? Blasphemy! I believe sir, you have a case with the FCC and ACLU - a violation of your freedom!


Unfortunately this is normal here in the States. It’s the same with AT&T. I justify having the hotspot for two reasons.

First, when I buy my iPads I have always just purchased the WiFi only versions. This means no data plan or fee to share data for the iPad. I have a couple of iPads, so the hotspot is a better option.

Second, it is a decent backup in case your regular internet goes down.


I’m starting to see the logic in this…LOL…

Well, it is easy for me to say because I don’t have to pay for it myself, but I have found it a very useful function to have enabled.

Yay…! Thanks to @Wes’s suggestions, I’m back in business on my modem.

So…now I can go ONLINE with DCS World so that I can set it to OFFLINE.



I have internet working but still can not connect with DCS online.
Any Ideas?:thinking:

Start with the Windows firewall, make sure DCS is allowed on private/public networks as needed.
You may have selected private only and your network is for some reason classed as “public” for example.

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Played in the firewall, nada. So rebuilt my network, rebooted modem everything is good to go. :thinking:
Thank you Wes. :grin::sunglasses:

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