DCS question on changing keys from steam to DCS

As much as I want to keep DCS on steam for ease, its come to the point where steam offers less benefits than having a stand alone DCS install.

I know you can’t transfer keys from ED to steam, but you used to be able to transfer keys from steam to ED. I suppose i could keep two installs, but alas, my drives are getting a tad full…

IF this is still an option, does anyone remember how to do it or have a linky to it.

Also which file would i copy over to the new DCS install to keep my bindinds profile etc (if possible).

Thanks again in advance.

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I haven’t done this myself, but I think I have enough understanding of the DCS Updater to answer this.
I once had trouble with installing my dad’s DCS modules on a pc where the registry items of my DCS modukes were apparently interfering and we had to delete those.

First, you might want to de-activate your modules on Steam. (I’m not sure if this is actually required but it may prevent the kind of trouble I mentioned earlier)
Then you just install the standalone DCS World, it should ask you if you want to install your modukes when you open the module manager.
You say yes, and either then or after restarting it will ask you to enter your keys.
Now you will see your number of activations left going down to 9,8,7 or something like that, but don’t worry: you essentially have infinite activations. After they run out, you will get a new activation after a month.

If something goes wrong and you still need to install a module but the module manager doesn’t prompt you anymore, look up “DCS Updater install repair revert” and you will find an ED Forums thread by Skatezilla that shows how you can tell the Updater directly to install a module.

Hope this helps

IIRC just typing the keys from Steam in the regulas DCS own key-activation page should work just fine.

Ok thanks guys,

Found the page saying what to do.
Linky here if anyone else is wanting the same info

So the last question is, whats the easiest way to copy over my controller config and preferences from my steam install to the new install of DCS.

Many thanks again.

Just as an update, DCS standalone already recognised my meagre amount of steam installations, so big kudos for that.

Now just need some help on copying over my config files if that is possible.

Maybe if no-one is sure, perhaps @fearlessfrog has an idea.

Anyhow, its time to bring out the French and try to crash the mirage 2000c

Steam and the stand-alone use the same location, as in X:/Users/(you)/Saved Games/DCS. Where it differs is what version you install, i.e. stand-alone does make a DCS.Alpha and DCS.beta separate save locations I believe.

thats true. Did you download the Beta, Alpha or stable version?

Holy cow, didn’t know there were 3 versions. Just blindly downloaded the installer and went for it.

I have purchased nevada, but i don’t have the option to install it yet, so i guess its not the beta.

I will just remap everything it may be easier

Thanks for the replies

The alpha is the Nevada terrain only client. The beta and stable only feature the Caucasus for now.

Ahhh thanks i will have to check out what one i have. I would hope it to be the stable version for the best chance at multiplayer compatibility.

I guess it will say stable version in the version number when i start ?

Yeah i’m a thicko

the software .exe name tells you what version you are on.

DCS WORLD is the stable version
DCS OpenBeta and
DCS OpenAlpha

speak for themselves :smiley:

The multiplayer action is usually heavily revolved around the OpenBeta version. During a lot of the time the stable and beta version are the same anyway.

Brilliant thanks for the info, i will check it out.

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