DCS Question on Hardware Irritation!

Good Morning!

ok - I’ve been fighting a problem for the past few weeks and I am not finding a solution.

I have a Ryzen 7 1700X with 32GB of RAM along with the RTX2060 Super - I run DCS via
a V-NAND SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe. M.2 (really a nice SSD BTW) and control is ‘attempted’

via a Saitek X-55 RHINO. I have been playing around with a number of profiles and in-game

configurations - here’s where I have a problem, every now and then I notice that I lose the ability

to input command (keystrokes) on my keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016). I’m able to Ctrl-Alt-Del

out - but that’s it!

then while I’m in the regular old desktop and I click into a search bar - I get … (Stuck Key)
across the text box. It becomes necessary to reboot and then try again.

I’m guessing that there is a command that is getting stuck in the Saitek program and it’s translating into the game-

oh BTW when using the X55 (with the Saitek Program) all inputs within the DCS program for Joystick and Throttle-

are cleared from the profile.

anybody else managed to have this issue? or am I the ONLY PERSON TO EVER HAVE THIS !!! ARRRGGG!!!

Is the issue a stuck key on the keyboard?

My Razer Blackwidow (much older iirc 2012) if my PC has been locked for a while will have a stuck key (typically 0) that won’t release until I unplug the keyboard’s USB and plug it back in.

So my search box would just go 000000000000000000000…until I pulled the plug. Didn’t have to reboot though, nor did it ever happen during active use.

Updating Razer Synapse has recently made this issue less common - I don’t recall the last time it happened.

I dont see one - this seems to only become prevalent while using the Saitek Profiles (external from the DCS Program)

Well the stuck key issues (not physically stuck) that causes a character to repeat until you unplug it is a known issue with the firmware that there is an update for.

Lots of users have the problem and various things can set it off.

Maybe you clicked out of the DCS area and lost the focus.

Try a different USB port. I had an issue where DCS was sensitive to the port structure (I think that it had something to do with power and whatever libraries DCS uses to access the joystick seems to be somewhat sensitive to this). When I switched the joystick to a different port, the problem went away. I ended up buying a powered USB hub to attach all of my devices to.

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I have an X-56 Rhino, but I don’t use the Logi/Saitek software beyond calibrating it and such. I do all my mapping inside DCS.

I don’t know if my way is the “harder” way (since it certainly doesn’t feel easy mapping things for each and every plane and helo), but I’ve never experienced what you’re describing. If that’s because there is some flaw in the profile software, then I’m glad I’m not using it.

Of course the flaw could be in how DCS reacts to the software which maybe works fine everywhere else, I don’t know.

That’s why I mentioned the keyboard issue, which is quite common if search (and I have had it too).
We don’t see a lot of input complaints here or on the ED forums for the various sticks etc.

As an example look at the search results:

I know for certain when the KB gets into “spam mode” it is repeating whichever key so fast it can ignore user keystrokes. I am not sure if this would affect other inputs, as I have only had it come up when unlocking my PC.