DCS Release vs Open Beta

A valid point, indeed.
I’ll let it update my 1.5, have a look, and then continue with 2.2 for a few weeks.

Ah! Who am I kidding! It’s going to be 2.0 all over again, when I just couldn’t go back to 1.5 because of all the wonderful new car scent of 2.0. :wink:

Yes, I’ll bee ooh’ing and aaah’ing happily ignoring all bugs, in 2.5, from release and onwards. VR better be working from release…! :vr:

I will be removing whatever doesn’t get removed by the updater and flying 2.5 OB. If some parts don’t work they don’t work.


Switched off Vsync in 1.5 and set the terrain shadows to off and is smooth now, even though the terrain shadows look like they’re still there?.. Anyway, bought the AV-8 module this morning and it runs better than the A-10C one does which is weird. 2.2 seem to be better now and can’t remember what I turned off lol.

As of now this old workhorse PC is still squeezing out the performance so an upgrade will be in the future but not just yet :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I need my TrackIR back though lol and my Warthog HOTAS… lol


the AV8 is my fave to fly even though its early access, it has that complex but not too complex feel just right and as they bring the other systems on line it makes them easier to learn one at a time … also Its a HARRIER , :grin: nothing more british … ok I know its the AV8 but its still a harrier or the closest i am going to get …lol


This sounds like such a massive non-issue that I am a bit baffled. Oh well, if you don’t have a fire you can always make one!


When it comes out I will be watching videos and pics and eating :popcorn:

Once the dust will setle I will download whatever version will be available :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s very nice and tank along pretty fast too, well faster than the A-10 anyway lol. I’ve spent the day watching YouTube videos and trying to work the systems out and programme my joystick. I’ve been watching RedKite’s videos but if you know of any others please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve still not used the Mig-21 yet but the Harrier takes precedence lol.

shiftymover has done some too … and also smudge i think


Agreed Gunny, if it works it works in my eyes.

I am really looking forward to the unified install, especially so that I can free up some SSD space.

I’m sure I heard that there’s supposedly a performance increase in 2.5 also.

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Changelog just dropped. Lookin good. If 2.2 is any indication, yeah performance is going to be way better compared to 1.5.

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Hey tigerwulf … It’s starting to look like all of old group is here now … Good to see you again


Hey TW, how’s it going? :grinning:

Great thanks guys, may get involved in some MP gaming again soon.

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Yeah me too, I’ve not done any for years. Or any flight simming at all so I’m learning again lol