DCS Sale Purchases

I was pondering what to buy. I have been leaning Mirage since the Fall sale. I downloaded @Chuck_Owl ‘s awsome guide for it and that clinched the deal.

Thank you Chuck!


i finally got the Mi-8 and a bunch of campaigns for the F-5 and A-10. mightily tempted by the Normandy deal…

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I got the Viggen - man, that things flies nicely!


Hey @schurem, great move on the Mi8! That is the most enjoyable module in DCS in my opinion.


The problem with owning every module is that the sales are no longer relevant to me. So now I’m a Jack of all trades, and master of none…


I’m getting close to that point, although it seems many of the modules ive purchased I rarely fly.

My favorite sales purchases:

F5 w/ NTTR - got this one bundled for $50 at some point. Fly NTTR all the time and the F5 might be my favorite.

Harrier - Pre-sale price, so far the only module I’ve paid “full price” for.
FC3 - this one is worth the price for the Su33 carrier ops until the F18/14 come out.

Sale purchases I dont really use:

and probably the L39,

Keep in mind that the guide sometimes incorrect as some aspects have the Mirage have been reportedly changed by Razbam since the last time I updated it. I intend to fix part of it during the holidays.


Guys, please talk me out of Normandy. I am not interested in DCS WW2. I have Il-2 for that. But its so pretty. and new. and europe.

Seems to me your mind is already set. :slight_smile:
Let it happen. You’re not going to be alone.

Dont do it, refer to the giveaway thread instead :wink:

If you are seriously on the fence I will happily PM a few.

■■■■, i already caved. im such a weakling :stuck_out_tongue: well at least im not buying trash on steam i’ll never look at.

At least now i’m ready for @Baltic_Dragon’s what-if Ka-50 campaign where a Blackshark gets sent back in time to smash the SS nazis.

OMFG pretty does not quite capture it. It’s like a perfect model railway table that you get around in VR. Speedtree would help with the FPS tho.


… + the new manual will be ready soon + enjoy the training and the campaign :slight_smile:
We will also compare notes with Chuck to make sure both the manual and his excellent guide are complementary!


Hahaha, thanks! I’m still some time away from working on that (getting seriously involved on Harrier training and campaign later on), but good to know there is some interest!

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I’m on the boat you just jumped off of, don’t need it, not really interested in WW2, but I’m bored and it’s cheap. How is the performance compared to NTTR? My rig smashes through NTTR only getting into 45 territory when online and low and slow over Vegas. Is normandy that much worse performance wise?

Normandy never struggles on my system badly enough to be a distraction. But the biggest cities do seem to be a touch more power hungry than downtown Vegas. The weak spots visually are the airfields. The rusted ochre of the runways and taxiways seem improbably uniform to me. They look like instant LZs cut out of the clay in Vietnam.

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yeah it looks less realistic on my rig than NTTR, more like intricate scale models or something. The coast and water are eyewateringly pretty though. Haven’t done much but a small cross country flight and a little dogfighting training (sabre vs fokkers). It’s cool. Not regretting the purchase (unlike the hearts of iron game i bought last year that I never touched yet)

How do I get a flight of nazi bombers to shoot at? they did not show up in the mission editor for some reason.

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WWII Assets pack is still in progress I think, there is more to come of it.

For me Normandy has been quite nice. The trees seem to really suck the performance down a bit though, so it really struggles in VR. NTTR is fine with me.

I am also trying to get into @bunyap2w1’s really interesting Epsom Campaign but am hampered with DCS 2.2 running out of memory (on 16 GB) and crashing, so I’ll park it and come back. The landscape and the sea look great so far though. It gives me more time to practice in Normandy on an empty map, as coming back to the Spitfire usually means some scraped wings for me… :slight_smile:

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Was on the fence about Normandy + WW2 units… Haven’t flown WW2 in a while, partly because all WW2 multiplayer servers require this purchase.

Thought the bundle pack wasn’t on sale at the start of the sale, thus making the total price of the pack $43 (both ‘modules’ bought separately with 50% off) but now it’s only 30.

It’s not gonna get any cheaper than this and I was planning on getting it eventually during a sale…

Hope my pc can handle Normandy: AMD R9 290X and 16GB of RAM

Edit: girlfriend is forcing me to go to bed, will have to postpone the first flight in France to tomorrow


Decisions, decisions…

Thinking :

I have quite enough ( for me ) modules… so skiping these.

I am not singleplayer type of guy… so skiping campaigns.

Whats left? Terains… looks good… Persian Gulf, Normandy, Nevada. As mentioned I do multiplayer. Checked online servers → Nevada cca 5-10, Normandy 3!, PG cca 15 but nothing interesting in the list… !! ??
So Caucasus will do its job in MP for now.

And baaaack to modules… :slight_smile:

Eyeing Huey or maybe JumpJet. Is there some sort of training campaign for JumpJet?