DCS Xmas/NewYears giveaway ideas

Take this as brain storming thread, not the actual giveaway party :slight_smile:

Some of you maybe noticed that during the year I was poking, from time to time, the idea of giveaway.

And as you gave me again some motivation…

…I decided to gave it a thread.

I think some of us, members of this comunity, have some module(s) which are gathering dust in our virtual hangars, or some just have already everything but still they want to support the devs, or somebody wants to make someone else just happy.

How about some giveaway? I dont know, we can run it here, or we can run it on ED forums as some anual promo for MUDSPIKE to gather some attention of new comunity members…
…but this could be not limited to DCS.
…and maybe this could be also not good idea at all for some reasons hidden to me.

And why I think it is good idea? I did it already in the past. Instead of buying every DCS WWII module I bought 3 Mustangs and gaveaway two of them. I supported the devs, I made someone happy and I dont have in my virtual hangar modules I dont use.


I think it’s a really nice idea, but compounded by the two bits of friction of (a) it’s harder to gift on DCS until the new DRM comes in and (b) a lot of the steely-eyed regulars probably have bought everything already! :slight_smile:


I have all of the Il-2 things, because I really like that sim and it’s devs and the way they are doing WW2.

I have almost all of DCS that I could ever want ( the modern stuff, the maps.) The prop jobs, nice tho they look… I won’t be spending money on them. I would not mind owning a spitfire at all however :wink:

Trying to keep some spending money in the pocket for (hopefully near) future purchases such as the F/A-18 and the F-14.