DCS Sale Purchases

Decisions, decisions…

Thinking :

I have quite enough ( for me ) modules… so skiping these.

I am not singleplayer type of guy… so skiping campaigns.

Whats left? Terains… looks good… Persian Gulf, Normandy, Nevada. As mentioned I do multiplayer. Checked online servers → Nevada cca 5-10, Normandy 3!, PG cca 15 but nothing interesting in the list… !! ??
So Caucasus will do its job in MP for now.

And baaaack to modules… :slight_smile:

Eyeing Huey or maybe JumpJet. Is there some sort of training campaign for JumpJet?

I felt every word… master of none lol

So having every module aside from the Spit, Hawk, and C101, I’m debating on getting Normandy or campaigns. I really, really enjoyed the Mirage and Flanker campaigns, so I’m thinking about the Mirage Red Flag campaign. Is Normandy worth it?

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as I see it for singleplayer WWII campaigns yes

Navynuke, yes (if you have the Spit :grin: )

Nevo, the best MP server in one delusional man’s opinion is Blue Flag Persian Gulf. More heart and soul has been put into it than any other terrain (maybe excepting Normandy).

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Got ya. I’ve barely touched the WW2 birds in quite a while.

Hmmm I didnt see it in the list lately ( OpenBeta ). Need to check again. Or is it on stable ?

It may not be up. As of last night Blue was going to win the map in one night. Sometimes it takes a day to go back up. It is a great server. Look for “BUDDYSPIKE”. They run a Caucuses war as well.

So I pressed buy on the Yak, the NS430 for the L-39, the L-39 campaign and the Persian Gulf map…won’t get to play them for another month but didn’t want to pass on the opportunity to get some discount goodies.

Staying out of the Hornet business for the time being as I have too many other modules to learn but she is calling me - it’s only a matter of time, haha.

I’m looking forward to some Yak fun and trying out the Albatross campaign, I hear you have to be on form to accomplish the missions on that one.

I’m down for Mig-15 and Harrier.

I do like the look of the L-39, but am afraid that it may be unfinished / poor quality. Any comments on this module?

The L-39 is a great module. By far the best of the “trainers” available to us right now.

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L-39 is the only one of the current modules that I want but don’t own. Afaik it’s completely finished.

I really like it and I’ve flown it quite a bit. A joy to fly and teaches one to manage energy :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the Spitfire and Yak-52, like 'em both. Yak-52 still unfinished though, I bailed out and could still fly the plane and it said I was a RAF pilot when I bailed! I then flew into the other Yak that was flying around and a Spitfire wing flew off of it on impact. :thinking:

Dunno if I want to throw the dough down for the Normandy map + WW2 assets. WW2 combat in DCS feels kind of finicky.

Get them if only so you can blast nazi tanks with cbu-97 smart cluster bombs.

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Working on that right now in fact. So cool to have Caen in-game and Tiger II tanks… and CBU-97s :slight_smile:

Aside from Time Pilot, I’d say the Normandy map especially is well worth it. With all the tree cover, especially great for Helo operations, but the detail is just fantastic in the cities as well.

L39 is a great module, 100% complete afaik. It is fun to fly, feels a lot like a jet powered p51. It is very easy to snap roll and is good at aerobatics. If you just want something fun to fly, I recommend.

The harrier is a love/hate relationship for me. It is, however, an absolute steal at $35. There is PLENTY missing and or wrong at the moment, but it also is a lot of fun to fly. One day it will be my favorite module, but it has a long way to go.

I know I was offered advice to wait for MAC. but my wife took pity on me and bought me fc3 last night while I was at work. Bless her. I’m very very much looking forward to blasting around in the f15 and SLAMMING the 33 into the back of the kuznetzov. Very pleased. Any recommendations as to my next move once I’ve had a play? As this should theoretically be easier to learn I may jump into multiplayer in a few days… Maybe


The easiest multiplayer server, IMO, to jump in and test the water with is through the inferno (TTI) PVE (players co-op vs AI) server. There is plenty of enemies to go kill. It is also very newbie friendly because the objectives are clearly marked, JTACs, awacs, tankers, etc.

The PvP servers like Blue Flag are much fun as well, but require some coordination between teammates to have any success. On TTI, you can jump in at anytime, Lone wolf or not, and have some fun.

…And you. If there ever was a keeper :smiley: You lucky mutt!