DCS Sale Purchases



You lucky thing! Not in a million years in my household :joy:


I know it was quite sweet really. She even managed (not that it’s a challenge but it shows how much I talk about this stuff) to buy the non steam version off the dcs store itself. I’m very pleased. I have installed it but will wait till later to try it out. Can’t wait. I’ve had a blinding dcs week to be fair. First the scooter and now this. Should keep me busy for a fair while till that swing wing thing gets released. I have a bit of a soft spot for the su33 anyway so…


Ok. I know fc3 is a pretty old module and most of you will already have been there and done that with it. But I have just spent my evening messing around with the f15. And the su33 and I am completely and utterly smitten with the 33. I know it’s not a full fidelity model but it is the the single best thing I have ever flown in a sim. What an incredible machine.

It took me 11 tries to trap on the kuz. I finally got it nailed consistently now. Take off using the ramp it a weird weird feeling but it. Just. Works.

I still cant figure the aar out. I’ll have another go tomorrow but no matter what I do the tanker won’t extend a boom or a drogue. Must be me. I’m feeling confident I could do it now after following the il78 around a few tracks.

I really wish I’d got this module so much sooner but I kind of stuck my nose up at it as it was the ‘simplified’ version. I couldn’t of been more wrong. What a blast.

I’m nowhere near Combat ready with it (apart from an accidental fratricide on the tanker) few more weeks of playing and I’m definitely up for being red team…

The f15 honestly was a bit of a letdown. Nothing I could put my finger on but just a bit underwhelmed by it. Very smooth. Very fast bit just a little bit… Boring?


You have to contact the tanker to refuel, then get close to one of the drogues, typically the port side first. Then you contact the tanker again and ask to ready pre-contact and you’re good.

If you want to take off with a usable load from the Kuz, launch from the waist position, not the bow. Even better if you taxi all the way to the back and use the whole deck up!

I’d be a lot happier with the FC/MAC aircraft if there was some clickability in the cockpit, just because I hate trying to remember the more complex key combos.


The Eagle doesn’t come into it’s own until the shooting starts. The radar is currently a bit neutered compared to everything you can toggle, adjust, fiddle with, etc. in real life. However once the missiles start flying or the merge happens, she’s a blast to fly.


I’m still trying to decide if the FC3 birds are more or less complex than fat modules. Most of the functions are there, just not clickable. I find it easier to learn a switch function in the cockpit than memorize a hotas setting, especially when I jump between planes…

With good “professional” flight models, FC3 is a huge bargain.


Honestly I found them very interesting. Agreed they don’t have the clickable cockpits but to be fair they fly excellently. You can jump from one to another relatively easily and for a beginner like me to dcs who hasn’t had a go at everything yet they seem perfect for me.

For example in my heart I want to be a tomcat pilot. Nailing migs with sidewinder and going to guns on the wingmen.
But what happens if I blow all that money on the module to live out that lifestyle and I don’t have the brain power for air to air fighting. Or what if the fast mach 2 jets are less interesting to fly than the slower air to ground planes.

Fc3 kind of feels like a taster of everything. I am so pleased I got it.

One of my favourite things to to do with the tf-51d is planning air displays around an airfield, flying it and watching the video of it after to make improvements. With the flanker I can do cobras and other more interesting manoeuvres.

Love it.


Given I haven’t even mastered the venerable A10C I did the logical thing and jumped in and bought the AV8B NA (and Persian Gulf just to round it out) VTOL fun :slight_smile:


I heartily reccomend the MiG-29 to you, such a fun little jet.


You can watch and save tracks of your flight and replay it to see it from other perspective. Also tacview is available. Will find link when I am on my pc


tacview is great for debriefs


That’s my big plan for tonight mate. My idea was to have a quick blast in all of them last night but I really really fell in love with the su33. And just couldn’t tear myself away lol.


The '33 is a great jet. Much fun there. Come to think of it, the FC3 package is full of fun machines. Like you found, the Eagle is about the only boring one in there, and even that can get really cool once you learn what makes it tick.

They all have flight models that are quite up to par with the rest of the DCS offerings, but IMO the Fulcrum has the most fun flight model. It’s so dynamic.


29s,33,27, are all great. I didn’t find the A10 or su-25 interesting though. I like the free Su-25 and A10C better




Why? You should definitely own the Huey. I honestly believe that module should win some type of sim award for immersion achievement, or genre excellence, or something.

To get a subject so iconic so right in a difficult subject like helicopter flight is pretty rare. The flight model, the sounds, the textures are all so right. Flying around with a full crew of gunners and having them open up on something you didn’t even see should not be missed.


I guess I just keep trying not to buy things that I’m going to have trouble remembering how to operate. I’ve already done it with the A-10 (for the Hornet) and probably will have it happen with the Hornet too (for the Tomcat)…




The huey systems will not strain the grey matter too much. I have trim and radios mapped on my huey config thats pretty much all you need. Oh and countermeasures :smiley:



Thanks man I’m downloading that now. Looks really cool