DCS Scenery Destruction Tool

The scenery destruction trigger on NTTR is pretty cool. Could set up some interesting scenarios. Only problem immersion wise is the casinos stay up, but could be worked around.


I’m pretty sure I can come up with some replacement textures to convert them in anything you need…

Is this something actually in the mission editor on that particular map?

yeah. you just create a trigger zone, and set it to scenery destruction, and boom. It will do damage in 10% chunks. I think that screen was at 80%.

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Neat. That must be something relatively new I’ve missed in the updates. I will have to check that out. Any idea if this is in the Normandy map as well? I’m assuming it is since both are in DCS version 2…

Yes it is in there as well.

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Turn the stratosphere into a mosque?

Yes, this feature was added with the release of Normandy.

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