DCS Scratchpad


Keep meaning to try this out, so posting so I remember. What this does is provides a free-form typing ‘scratchpad’ that you can use in VR or 2D, so you can do things like jot down a coordinate from the F10 map and then go back to the cockpit and see it easily enough to enter into a UFC or something. Handy!

Where I found it: In-Game Scratchpad Mod Available - Works Great In VR! - Virtual Reality - ED Forums

Just gave it a quick go, easy to install and looks like it works. CTRL+Shift+X to flip in on/off as needed. Neat.


That is a pretty cool little tool. 023



Very cool! I will be trying soonest.

I wish there were some type of interface like this that would add a blank, type-able page for the kneeboard but that is probably a bridge too far…this will certainly do the truck! :smile:

Thank you! I just discovered this thread and tested the tool. It now has a function to automatically transfer user created mark points from the F10 map into the scratchpad.


I have to try that one as well.

I swear by this utility. Great for saving coordinates for theaters, and bullseyes if you fly the same missions or the same servers.

Very useful for a RIO as well.

This looks useful! Does it pass integrity check in MP?


Wow this is awesome! I use a notepad and pen when I fly in 2d. But this solves all my VR issues!