DCS Screen Shots

Some of my better shots from DCS. Feel free to add your own. Enjoy!!


Great idea - a couple from me:


Some more shots. Mig-15s A-10cs and F-15s.

Some of my last 1.2 shots.

And my first 1.5 shots…

@weaponz248 - That’s a cool Jolly Rogers skin for the Su-33…

Got it at the DCS website…Thought it was pretty awesome myself!!!

SU-33 Jolly Rodger

Last one on the page. The US Navy and Digital Splinter Skins

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Some more from 1.5. Su-33 and Su-25.


I’ll add some of my DCS 1.5 Screenshotrs:

Some A-10C:

Iraqi MiG:

East German MiG’s:

Sukhoi’s on the Runway:


Cold morning in Batumi (notice the contrail on the right, it’s -45°C in the early morning hours of February.
For some reason the contrails stop as soon as the wheels touch the ground.


@Derbysieger (& ED) that water reflections on the first A10C pic are perfect!!

Climbing out in an L-39C Albatros with the moon in the background.

These are a bit older but hey…

Mirage Formation with EinsteinEP on my Wing:


Last weekend, @FDunne and I hopped on a public M2000 vs Mig-21 server for some air-to-air action.
The closest threat attacking our base was an L-39C, armed with IR missiles. I got shot down while typing the order to the L-39 to “turn on nav lights, reduce speed and lower gear to show cooperation”. Public servers… After some maneuvering, Folkert managed to force the Albatross to follow him to Senaki. While flying there, more and more Mirages came to escort our prisoner. In the end, we were flying a full 4-ship of Mirages. We all landed safely. Sadly, I have no screenshots of this part of the flight. After that, we went Bear hunting.


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Haha, maneuvering is a nice way of saying it I guess.
Had a whole lot of fun flying with you Freak, I also remember you heading off on your own taking down an A-50, such an awesome flight!

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Here are a couple of my FC3 A-10A shots in 2560x1440


Good grief…those are gorgeous…

Thanks, got a new monitor recently and I’m really digging the higher resolution. The sim scales well, too.