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Remember that DCS Normandy 1944 is still in Early Release state: just because a feature is missing there doesn’t mean not going to be in the final product.

We can certainly ask the devs if there are plans to update the lighting engine with these features, however.


Rejoicing was a few posts up, with video proof here:


I was able to land on the ship and didn’t slide backwards but the side to side motion did have me sliding back and forth across the deck for a couple of meters.


Thanks for checking, guys.
Good with the boat landing, but the other is very disappointing. It has been missing for years, and it sucks. Looks like DCSW stays the “day+nice weather” sim a while longer…


I see your point, and it was immersion breaking when I first landed on that cruiser, in 4 m/s wind, to be sliding around the deck as the ship rocked with the waves. It was only about a meter in either direction, though, and that being said it was still a ton of fun to put that UH-1H onto such a relatively small target while the ship rolled in front of me. Doing it at 9 m/s was also good. Above that, when I tried at 19 m/s it was substantially harder and I am not sure if it was the sliding on the deck or my own skills that ended in a failed attempt. Putting myself on that deck while maintaining a 50+ kts speed was very, very hard :slight_smile:

I need to try this when the boat is pitching and rolling but in that kind of weather … I tend to fail miserably at any skillful control of the helicopter.

I am fairly certain that I can gaze into my crystal ball and predict that this will be fixed by the time that the F-18/F-14/Carrier Operations become available, especially in weather that is within minimums. I would assume that module makers would take and fixes implemented carrier operations and make that fix to any other ‘navy capable’ aircraft.


Actually with “it has been missing for years, and it sucks” I meant the light thing.
But yeah, the boat sliding issue breaks immersion as well. I agree though that a fix is near for that.


What we need is a DCS Bungee cord and cargo strap expansion pack. Then the ground crew can lash you down if requested. :nerd: :grinning:


There’s a neat system to connect a helicopter to a boat but I cannot for the life of me remember the name and the fun things that happen when those pins fail :wink:


Bear Trap?


This video is what I imagine I am doing :smile:

When what I am really doing it much more benign.


This is what nightmares looks like in my… nightmares.


Why isn’t this posted in the Helicopters Video Thread? :wink: I’ll put it in there now. :slight_smile:


There is a Helicopters Video Thread??? Did my gold-fish memory forget that???

Please do!




You know…with the whole DCS Normandy addition, one could create some awesome missions using modern aircraft…we could call it “The Final Countdown”…

Oops, already taken.


That would probably make a hilarious mission for a fly-in:

Two players in Hornets (or probably four in Tomcats) and everybody else flying BF-109, trying to bomb a target while the modern guys try to defend it.
With enough old ones that could get really stressful for the modern guys.



We’d need N + 1, with N being the number of missiles the Tomcats have. Although a boom and zoom guns run would be effective, so I’m imagining those 109’s basically being low enough to taxi all the time. :slight_smile:

The nearest thing I can think of was wasn’t there an issue when a pair of hornets tried to scare away a lost 172 over Cape Canaveral and a Shuttle Launch one time, as in, too slow to get a lock and would cause an engine stall trying to follow it?


(N+1) * OH_sf, with OH_sf being the “OH CRAP” scale factor, adjusting for 109’s lost in ground handling and take-off incidents.


One of my favorite boasts from the F-14 program was a congressional briefing where the admiral in charge said something to the effect of “The F-14 is perfectly capable of landing at 90 knots. We just don’t like paying to repair adverse effects on the aft fuselage”.


Oh please oh please let this happen lol