DCS Screenshots


A dedicated place for everyone’s random screenshots and videos from DCS.

I’ll start it off with a few from last week on Hollo point

30k orbiting the enemy airfield waiting for targets and loving the view!

Lets see what you got!





@BeachAV8R how are you getting that tasty compressed telephoto look in that gazelle shot?


@BeachAV8R that’s a beautiful shot!


LOL…trade secret…!

Nah…I just use the Free Camera a lot…(CTRL F11 maybe?), move the camera far away, then use the SHIFT numpad * to close down the field of view to get that long lens effect. It’s a trick I have to use often in the magazine since the images are so small, you really have to make the background larger (especially when you are trying to show a runway or target in the distance)…


Ah I forgot about that Free Camera! Thanks. There are only so many stretched out wide-angle screenshots I can take before everything starts looking the same…


Taken while I was practicing the nuclear delivery profile for an article I was writing…the above was a loft…below is the “over the shoulder” profile…




siiigh that pic makes me wanna try the Hawk… again…


Textbook definition of "MISSION COMPLETE!"
I can’t understand why the instructor is looking at me that way…

PS: click on the picture for fullscreen and read the text in the upper right corner!


I actually haven’t tried it since the EFM or AFM or whatever. Is that in the release version or just the DCS World beta? I’m always confused about what version has what.


Kudos were given…err…prematurely eh? LOL… Never underestimate the ability of a student to kill you. My CFI philosophy…


Hey Andrew, nice screenshots from the Kobuleti Maru mission. And for the Hawk, looking forward to getting back into that one again - still on v1.5 here and waiting for the version merge and EFM flight model in it.

This is the Kobuleti Maru mission in the ME –

A couple of A-10s cleared to taxi –

I’m liking the Combined Arms –

“It depends on the nature of the terrain, Sir!”

Perfect ambush spot to hit a Red convoy coming down the road –

At least it ^^^ was, until a nasty Havok showed up.


You and me both. I know I should be on the beta…but sigh…I just like release versions of stuff. (He says as he flies around Tanoa in the beta of Arma…doh!)


A few of me taking my newest toy, compliments of @komemiute, out for a quick spin. I love the skin, man! Thank you so much!

Notice the personalized helmet as well as the name flash:

Love the nose decal:

Tail insignia is for Normandie Niemen, Regiment de Chasse 2/30. The red tail is my own personal request. :slight_smile:

…parce que je me suis inversee, monsieur…


@NavyNuke99 Wow, it does look good in fact!
I’m just sorry the conversion from PSD (photoshop file) to DDS (texture file) tends to mangle a bit the quality…
I’ll ask @SkateZilla if there’s anything that can be done.

Siiigh Damn me… now I’m wondering if the Name flash is too dark, if I could have made it look nicer, is it too high, etc. etc. damn me…

PS: I know there’s some ugly pixels bleeding (heh) from the tail vertical stabilizer to its base, I’ll fix it… promised.


So beautiful…! Soooooo much responsibility now… :worried: Now that you have your own bird…you can’t get shot down!