DCS South Atlantic

Uhhhhh so cold and isolated… the way its supposed to be. Nice. Thanks for sharing

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We’re going to need penguins. A lot of penguins.


Why? We hardly have enough boats to need AGM-119s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More assets


DCS: Happy Feet confirmed!


Bah, I’ll wait for IL2: Surf’s Up before opening my wallet, etc… :slight_smile:


Sea Harrier?

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Razbam wants to know which fighter you’d like to fly over these islands, either the Mirage III or the IAI Dagger. Cast your vote!

Mirage III EA (the type that afaik fought at the falklands)

IAI Dagger (Don’t know if A or B or both saw combat)

Mirage III, no contest. Used by far more nations and thus greater ability to expand our scenarios.

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oh yeah, the IAI dagger is a kitbuilt Mirage V, so lightened but bereft of radar and some of the nav/attack stuff iirc.

Definately Mirage III for me. I’d love to learn how to fly and fight in that thing. Put some Egyptian and Syrian skins on the MiG-19 and that should be that :smiley:

If the criteria is relevance to the Falklands War, then IAI Dagger hands down. Two Mirage IIIEA got themself shot down on May 1, after which the type was withdrawn from combat and spent the rest of the war doing decoy missions. The Daggers were very busy flying 153 strike sorties and damaging multiple British ships.

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I vote for IAI Dagger

Dagger A. It’s a Kfir – a very refined Mirage III, but with better avionics and better engine. Without them, Argentina likely would not have sunk any British ships in the anchorages during the Falklands war.

Maybe if it’s not a lot of work, we could also have them in the Finger version – the Ultimate Kfir. All the good stuff from the Dagger version, plus better strike avionics than a Mirage 2000.

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Actually (I’ll correct myself) I don’t think they sank any, but they did severely damage several. They had no other aircraft that could have done it. Their A-4s tried, but never caused any serious damage.

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Another pieced of trivia.
The Argentine bombs triggers were set incorrectly for the delivery method they chose.

So several bombs didn’t go off once inside Britons ships.
Which in turn was a true problem for them as i t proved worse- it caused several many more casualties and damage when one of those (IIRC) exploded during the dismantling.

A-4Bs sank HMS Coventry, HMS Antelope, RFA Sir Galahad, HMS Ardent and badly damaged HMS Broadsword for one.

Ardent had been hit by Daggers before being later destroyed by A-4s


Go Scooter!

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Mega update from RAZBAM Discord about Stuff in progress to Falkland / Malvinas map… only a little stuff:

Sea Harrier FRS.1

Santa Fe, Sarta and Onix SSKs submarines

Sotoyomo class tug

Exocet land launcher

Unimog 406


LARC-V, Panhard 90 and LVTP-7

ARA Cabo San Antonio (ex-De Soto Country class LST) with LCVP and Barges

Atlantic Conveyor

Invincible class carrier

Rothesay Class Type 12M frigate

Allen M Sumner Class (Fram II)

Royal Navy Ships


Good gods… Love this…

Images don’t work for me. :-/