DCS: Spitfire Mk IX

Wooo! Freebie spitfire!

Did they release manual for it? Or is there actual one in pdf format?

Well there goes another $40 but I had to have it… being ex-RAF and all. :slight_smile:

As a backer of the failed WWII DCS Kickstararter I’m now really excited as (IIRC) the Thunderbolt is the next! :slight_smile:
And I get one of those free!


For $45, I’ve gotten $80 worth of plane. I can’t complain too much :smile:

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… and Normandy, too!

Well, technically you already paid for it…
But I totally support the idea that if you pay with money you never saw, it’s free! :wink:

I supported it as well. $100. So far it has bought me 3 modules. Once we get the Normandy map, I’d say I got my moneys worth, and then some! :slight_smile:


any Christmas giveaway folks? :wink:

Im in, had to buy it.


Spitfire Mk.IX engine start on Normandy WW2


Oooh thats pretty…

Damn I want this, but probably not as much as my kids want x-mas presents :smiley:

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The Spitfire would be an excellent x-mas gift :grinning:

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It would but daddy won’t let a 6, 5 or 1 year old near his sim stuff yet :smile:

couldn’t take holding out any longer, pre-ordered :confused:


Feels good, huh? :wink:

I’m really looking forward to flying it.

well it does feel a little better than every time I pre-order something featuring the Eastern Front :stuck_out_tongue: and i keep doing that too.

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Me too! Just waiting for the eastern front to become available in VR :wink:

Spitfire taxi, takeoff and landing video.