DCS Spitfire

so purty


I think I broke mine…


Beautiful to look at, but that narrow gear makes her very challenging to handle on the ground…

“You can teach monkeys to fly better than that”… :smiley:


What’s that a new planes is in the hangar? Me and my squad mate, “Wolf Bait” as he’s known round here, go running over to see what it is. “Ooh would you lookie there, Spitfire L.F. Mk IX. I’ve heard reports of some Jerry’s hanging out over Georgian airspace, want to go see what they got?” but before I was even finished saying that Wolf Bait was already suited up and halfway in the cockpit.

Off we flew like a rocket and after a few minutes we spotted 2 contacts. “2 Jerry’s at 1 o’clock I hollered.” But it was already too late and Wolf Bait already had one of them on his tail. I pursued the bandit on his 6 while the second one looped around to try and get behind me. I’d have to be quick to save both our tails.

I got in firing range and squeezed off a few rounds, well away from my target. “Damn I probably should have taken a look at the manual at least first” but it was too late for that now. Doesn’t look like I should bother much with the Gunsight, I should probably just turn it off but I don’t know where the switch is, oh heck with it, I thought. I let loose more machine gun bullets then unloaded with the cannons.

One smashed right near the canopy and the FW took a dive down towards the ground. Remembering that other one that was on my tail I checked my six and banked hard. Seeing what happened to his friend I think he decided to peel off and hunt down old Wolf Bait instead.

He was pulling away and onto Wolfies tail, so I dove down a bit to gain some more speed and positioned myself to cut him off. I was worried I wasn’t going to make it in time. I closed quickly, and missed my opening shots. Crap I was going to overshoot, so I tipped my nose up moved to the side and tried to barrel roll right back on his 6. It was close enough that I’m gonna say that’s what happened anyway.

I pulled the trigger again and boom boom boom, and I see his wing get sawed in 2. “Not bad, not bad at all” I thought to myself. But now we had a problem, we were going to need to land. As I made my way to base my lack of knowledge of the plane nearly cost me. Not paying attention I failed to read my speed correctly. Must have a strong landing gear though as it staying in one piece even at the ridiculously high speed at which i deployed it.

I meandered in and just before the end of the runway I see Wolf Bait fly overhead. I hit the ground a lot harder than I was expecting. Bounced around a good bit and certainly rubbed some paint off the wing tips, but kept it up right and free of major damage. I asked Wolf why he flew overhead then, he said “I was just trying to see how you did it. I figure there was no use in both of us crashing on the landing…”

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Wanted to test and see just how good this thing really is :slight_smile:
vs MiG-15

vs F-86

vs F-5E



Something that can out turn an AI MiG-15?! Thats gonna get patched out :laughing:


So glad to see the Bendix-Stromberg injection carburetor doesn’t have an issue with negative g’s!


You had to look up the name and part didn’t you? :wink:


Nice shootin’ Tex. :grin:



Thanks I need to turn that gunsight off though, just gets in my way of seeing where i’m shootin’ pew pew :smiley:

I’ve been getting acquainted with the Mustang and Spit in anticipation of the Normandy release. Has anyone noticed the distortion of the Spit’s gunsight ring in VR with ASW enabled? In other words, it randomly distorts and bounces around. Turning off ASW clears it up, but that causes an overall reduction in object sharpness, at least on my rig (GTX 1080). Kind of a bummer, because otherwise she is marvelous.

Yep, it’s the spinning prop behind the sight overlay, gives ASW fits. The best workaround I have is to turn the brightness of the sight down in cockpit.

Be interesting to see if it’s fixed in 2.1 tomorrow.

OK. good to know that it wasn’t the Svedka. A quick search reveals that everyone is saying turn off ASW, but that’s the last thing we need in VR.

Edit: Thanks ff. Turning down the brightness helps a lot.