DCS SU-25T: best weapon for attacking moving armor

I’m a combat flight sim pilot from WAY back (mostly the varieties of “Falcon”, but also “Tornado”, and smaller titles like “Wings Over Vietnam”), and recently built myself a new computer capable of running DCS World.

I’ve only got the free SU-25T right now, and I’ve spent about 6 hours getting familiar with it, running the tutorials, and creating some practice missions for myself. I can do pretty well with dumb bombs, and am getting better at guided missiles like the KH 29T for non-moving targets, but I cannot get the 29T to fire at a moving tank…maybe it’s not capable of that?
Anyway, what’s the best weapon for attacking enemy armor that’s moving?


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The best weapon for moving vehicles is Vikhr. Get the ShkVal on, lock it down and it’ll snap to the target. From that point, turn on laser and align the missile, fire and watch the vehicle explode. The Kh-25 and Kh-29 series missiles aren’t very good for this as they are large, lack agility, and have a pretty high climbing arc.

Alternatively, you can go Macross Missile Massacre and load up a ton of S-8 rockets and just saturate the area with them.

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Second the Vikhr, bear in minds it’s not a fire and forget missile. It’s laser guided much like a Hellfire, so don’t expect to ripple of a pack of them on an attack run neccessarily.


Welcome to Mudspike!

And I agree with the other guys: Vikhr is the way to go.

Thanks guys. I guess I have to practice more with the Vikhr; I can get it to hit, but since I have to follow it in, by the time it hits, I’m basically in range of the enemy AA guns.

I’m not used to the limited weapons on the SU-25T; it seems like you’d have to make multiple passes to destroy more than one target. In Falcon, I was used to “one pass, haul ass” tactics. If I had Mavericks, I could usually get several hits on a single pass.

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With Vikhrs, she’s is indeed the opposite of “one pass, haul ass”. Once you find your targets, doing long run-ins (+/- 15km) may enable you to get off two rounds in a pass. You can fire your second missile before the first one hits (but if I recall correctly doing that too much may lead to overheating). The mercury pod has FLIR and that helps a lot with acquisition in my opinion. If you do end up in the SHORAD WEZ, the rear hemisphere infra-red jammers work wonders to keep those pesky FIM-92’s out of your tailpipe.

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Target the AA systems first. The ShkVal has a decent depression angle so after you get the missile off, you can start to climb up and pull out of AAA range.

I actually tried just now to fire two missiles (at the same target), but no matter how many times I pulled the trigger, I could not get the system to fire more than one. I know I was not closer than the minimum distance…Is there a special technique to this?

I should probably say that I’m doing all this without a TrackIR or joystick…only controlling by keyboard. My REALLY OLD Hotas doesn’t work with DCS, and I’ve ordered parts for a DIY TrackIR but they have not come in yet. Next month, I’m going to order an inexpensive Hotas, but I’m on a fixed retirement income, so money is tight. I’m sure it will be easier with those parts!

Left Alt + W should allow you to use the launch override; alternatively, you can adjust the salvo mode with Left Ctrl + space.

Which one and how old? There’s a lot of people who repurpose old HOTAS with simple mods (and sometimes not so simple mods). You might be surprised to find some simple modules that can be applied to make it work again.


Thanks, I’ll try both those techniques.

I had a Thrustmaster FCS & WCS (from about 1991? maybe; we’re talking REALLY OLD) with a game port connection. Even with an adapter I could not get it to work with DCS (or Mig Alley, another favorite of mine), so I junked it. I know some people can work on those old sticks, but anytime I try to solder anything, I’m liable to burn the house down before I get the wires soldered!

Also tried a used T-Flight Hotas 4, but it must have had a bad pot; I could not get it to move off of the far left/far down position.

Heh, FCS and WCS! I got rid of mine around 1996 when the TQS/FLCS came out I think…
I did keep the old RCS pedals through that and the later Cougar, though. Got rid of my last TM stick in 2009.

Remember the 25T can fly fairly slow and the Vikhr is pretty fast and has a decent range. I’ve been able to fire at a target area, have it impact, fire another, have that hit, and fire a 3rd before I have to start to turn away. Granted not against SAMs or AAA (unless they are the first target), but if you prioritize the ones that can shoot you first.

For instance, first target Shilka, 2nd a BMP3 or similar AFV that has that nasty MG, and 3rd a truck or other unarmored/unarmed target.
It will take a good amount of practice and confidence to want to try that, though.


+1 for the S-8 solution. Not as efficient nor safe but way more fun.


As long as there are no tanks among the targets a number of cluster bombs could also do the job.

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Yeah, that bird is fairly slow, I can make a slow turn in the 25T at under 300kph and still have full control.

I think part of my problem with the guided weapons right now is getting a lock at a good distance. I can see the target (tank) on the Schval from a good distance away, but getting the system to lock onto it is a challange. Seems like I have to get pretty close before that happens.

Yup, I have used the S-8 rockets, and they are fun.

Yes, none of the cluster type bombs seem to be very effective against tanks. Neither the KMGU nor the RBK seem to work like I would imagine they should…I’m still experimenting with various release heights for them. I remember from my Falcon days that they “open up” at a particular height, which in Falcon you could specify. Maybe I haven’t found that correct height for these yet.

Folks will pay some decent money to buy those old sticks for projects, so even if you’re not inclined, you might find someone who will pass a few bucks your way which in turn you can throw into a newer HOTAS or stick.

Clusters have to be employed at very specific angles and heights, otherwise you won’t get much in the way of spread. It’s been an ongoing issue for a while now. Make sure you’re also picking the clusters with the anti-tank PTAB filling if you’re dropping on tanks. I want to say the RBK series burst at about 500-600m above ground, so try and aim for a 20-30 degree dive angle and drop at about 700m. KMGU dispensers are better utilized on columns at low altitude.

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