DCS Su-27: Air Combat South of Anapa

Took the Su-27 out for a spin. Have hardly touched it since I had bought it a ways back. Really like this plane.


Would really love to see this airplane get the full DCS fully clickable cockpit treatment… Love that airplane…


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Yeah, it is really well done in terms of the little details. No clickable switches in the cockpit but they are animated. The way the canopy slides into place along with the associated sounds. Radar systems implementation plus the data link capability. Just beautifully done, much more detail than the F-15C. I don’t think the upgrade to the F-15C is going to be much more than the flight model additions. With Leatherneck’s coming F-14 and DCS’s F/A-18C, that Mirage 2000C…I don’t think many people will be flying the F-15C much longer. I know I won’t.

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Nice! I really need to step back into the cockpit of this one, and finish those campaigns.

Thanks. You’ll love this aircraft. It really is a work of art in DCS.