EDIT: This mod will prevent entry into most Multiplayer servers. But going back to the original entry.lua file later will pass the Valid Client test and you are back in business…

“Professional Flight Model” not “Pure *** Magic”. And, no, it’s not officially out yet. But apparently we all carry a placeholder that is much better than the current Su33 and, not surprisingly, very close to the PFM Su27. You can download the entry.lua to unlock it here (redit):

Redit Su33 Mod

Or I believe all he did was add ‘Su33’ under “binaries” @ /Mods/aircraft/Flamming Cliffs/entry.lua. Maybe try that first. I can’t figure out how to use Admin rights with Weendozz 10 so I chose to rename the old entry file and insert this one. No harm done. Landing on the carrier is about what I recall but once on board, things get weird. First if feels as if the arresting hook never releases, even when retracted. But you can just power away to the launch slot and fly off the ramp. Any attempt at taxiing around the boat has resulted in me going for a swim.

The fun part is AR. But either I am doing it wrong or it’s still very much a WIP. The first time you hit Cntl-R to extend the probe, the refueling autopilot takes over. It seems to do nothing but prevent any sensible control on the part of the player. If you wait until the probe is fully extended, hit cntl-R again and the autopilot fully disengages but the probe stays extended. Catching the probe is a bit like before but I don’t seem to take on any fuel. Plus the receptacle pulls away towards the reel making it pretty hard to stay in the erogenous zone. It’s great for practice but so far I haven’t managed to take on a drop.

Have fun!


The PFM is no where near complete. I wouldn’t Recommend getting used to it in that form.

I’ve been having fun with this also. Can’t wait for its release as it’s obvious they are still tweaking it.

I think the reason you are have trouble getting fuel was because you hit the refuel boom command a second time. I’ve just been fighting the auto pilot and been able to refuel. Pure snake wrestling but it works ok.

All in all Im a Navair nerd so il be flying this until either the hornet or tomcat come out. The night landing is an “experience” to behold.

Edit: also looking foward to war emergency power

there’s a key command for that, and it should work already.

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You are correct about the refuel. The “assist” is part of the deal. You can plug in without it but the guy with the credit card isn’t going to turn on the pump.

Have you found (with the exception of the refueling stuff you mentioned)…that plugging in is easier with VR? In dabbling with it in CAP2…I found it exceptionally easy to judge distance, offset, and closure in VR…

No question about it. In 2D, a bit of guesswork was involved. I would keep the basket in the HUD as I approached because that was a known lateral error. In 3D, the error is easy to see even from a distance.