DCS Super Carrier, or how Will learned to love skittles of all the wrong colours

:rofl: Brilliant!
But we all know that Carriers are just Intruder’s Transport systems…
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You forgot CVIC, “Place where they keep track of the bad guys’ reactors.” :slightly_smiling_face:


Of note, well known DCS campaign author and specialist @Baltic_Dragon has been working with the creators of the Fighter Pilot Podcast (Vincent “Jell-O” Aiello) and the author of Raven One (Kevin Miller) on a campaign centered around the book Raven One.

Of news for people interested in that campaign is that it will be centered around DCS: Super Carrier (Supercarrier?).

From other parts of the thread that I will link below, @Baltic_Dragon notes that the campaign is 2/3 complete and will, obviously, get into our hands after the release of DCS: Super Carrier. Reasons for this are mostly technical (parking locations on the carrier, etc) but also revolve around delivering an authentic experience. They do not rule out releasing a version at a later date that does not require DCS: Super Carrier.

From hoggit (link):

Dear all,

After long discussion with Kevin and Vincent we’ve decided to build Raven One campaign around the upcoming DCS Supercarrier module. There are many reasons, but I will list the most relevant ones below:

We strive to bring you the most realistic F/A-18 experience. It wouldn’t be complete without living deck, ATC and all the rest of the features.

Some of the launches (like Bandar Abbas one) are huge and not possible to set up using currently available carriers. You simply cannot launch 10-12 aircraft in desired order with existing 4 parking spots…

We are planning to make use of additional facilities, like the briefing room (though we have to wait and see how it works in practice).

Posting it now while Supercarrier is 50% off for those who already own the Hornet. Therefore if you plan to try Raven One and don’t have the Supercarrier yet, it might be a good time to grab it!


That’s awesome! I just finished reading Raven 1 and absolutely loved it.

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Guess who’s making the Liveries for the campaign? :stuck_out_tongue:


A Skald F-18?


Thanks for sharing this, @Fridge!


That would be something, ain’t it?
I can make a custom order for you though!


8 bit F18 sounds awesome!!!

@komemiute I’m slightly irritated by the SKALD competition as I recently formatted my hard drive and lost my favourite pictures of wasteland 2 that I had stored lol

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HAHAHAHAH I’m sorry man. :slight_smile:
Just pick any screenshot and tell exactly that story! You might still win! :smiley:

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New Pic from DCS FB Page


I think that’s a boat!


Hnggggngh, check the lighting on those parked bugs! So good!


The dudes don’t seem to have any shadows, but hey, alpha I guess. :slight_smile:

Undead vampire crew…


Unique Carriers

For DCS: Supercarrier, we will be providing all Nimitz-class aircraft carriers of the Theodore Roosevelt subclass. These include:

CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt
CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
CVN-73 USS George Washington

These will be the first three carriers released at Early Access. After the Early Access release, we will provide:

CVN-74 USS John C. Stennis
CVN-75 USS Harry S. Truman

In addition to unique naming and numbering of the carriers, they will also have unique geometry. This is most evident in the islands (towers and antennas). Please see attached and note that they are work in progress.

Each ship will also have unique carrier communication callsigns.


Attached Thumbnails

Click image for larger version Name:  71.jpg Views:  1075 Size:  1.18 MB ID:  230199 Click image for larger version Name:  72.jpg Views:  793 Size:  1.14 MB ID:  230200 Click image for larger version Name:  73.jpg Views:  724 Size:  1.30 MB ID:  230201


Woohoo, 5 carrier decks to foul! :scream_cat:


The free Stennis today in 2.5.6 open beta:


I’m really curious now to see what the lighting looks like- I think GW still has her red/white/ blue lighting on the island hull numbers (that was installed during their shipyard availability after 9/11).


We got them installed in our PSA in 2004, IIRC. GW had what looked like neon tubes, we had individual bulbs. However, I’m sure both have gone LED in the last handful of years.

Huh, just thought of a question we all missed. Do we know what time period we’re looking at for ship’s equipment and sensors? I’m guessing probably mid- 2000’s, to match the Hornets, Vipers, and presence of OHP’s and Flight Ia DDG’s?

EDIT: TR and Lincoln having their SLQ-32 antennas exposed, while GW has hers in a radome is making me think 2005-6ish? @Hangar200, you’d know this better than I would.