SKALD RPG Demo keys!

Hey everyone!
As we released the last Alpha Demo (almost a complete vertical slice!) we thought it’d be fun to tease some Classic RPG gamers that maybe never heard of our game. :slight_smile:

For more info, here’s a thread about the successful progress of our Kickstarter!

Follow the game’s development here!

And don’t forget you can still help with the ongoing Indiegogo campaign, if you find the game deserving. :wink:

If you have ANY question or doubt, please reach us at our discord channel!

Anyways… we are giving away three keys for the Alpha demo!
This will allow the lucky winner to try our game, in the latest, most polished version of the Kickstarter Backer’s Demo.

“But how do we win there keys?!” I hear you screaming…

“Easy!” I respond!

If you’re a Classic RPG lover chances are you are playing, as of now, some sort of RPG.

Post a screengrab of your favourite RPG in this thread (rules apply, please read below) and add a small description of what’s happening- maybe introduce your character or your party.
Let everyone feel the passion that you have for these games!

The best one, according to my imprescriptible judgement, will WIN one KEY!
The other two will be picked by our friendly Cyber AI pet…

@DISCOBOT! :robot:
How lovely! What a smile! :wink:

So, give all you got and show us your favourite RPG/character/party !

Boring section- RULESET

1- This thread will collect posts for… TWO WEEKS! After that no more entries!
2- Only one post per user, only one screenshot per post- but don’t despair, you can tweak and improve your post until the TWO WEEKS deadline. :slight_smile: So don’t be worried, and craft your best post!
3- I will not choose the winner according to the best graphics, the highest critics-rated game, or the most artistic shot.
I intend to reward the love for RPGs- I know this is mostly a simulation forum but, let’s be honest… aren’t we all gamers before simmers? :wink:
4- the two post chosen at random by Discobot :robot: will be, probably, cold… heartless… mathematical choice. But who are we to discriminate our soon-to-be machine Overlords?! :smiley:
5- I will not accept bribes, VR headsets, or games in exchange for the winning post. :wink: so… don’t try it.
6- Play fair, play clean and only entries by users with a honest posting history on Mudspike will be considered.
7- I can amend the rule-set should any funny thing I haven’t foreseen happen. :slight_smile:

Beside that- HAVE FUN, play fair and post your best shot!




OK, somebody needs to be the first… to say that I don’t play any RPGs :slight_smile:

The closest I came to RPG was flight sim online dynamic campaign. I mean I have there my character and I assume a role of fighter pilot usualy :slight_smile:

My latest participation in Tactical Air War

Here is a pic of me and my wingman @otto chasing 110. That’s the single air victory from my stats.
He made a big mistake and went to strafe our ground units single-ship. He had no chance to make it back to safety.

I hope to see more pics in this thread :slight_smile:


Ok…I’m stretching the terms of RPG here and I’m happy to accept the disqualification lol

This is me and my son irritating traffic with a backhoe on construction simulator 2 where we ROLE PLAY owning lots of different diggers and digging holes. We do love it and it keeps him quiet in restaurants…

While hes quiet in restaurants i ROLE PLAY being interested in being in restaurants.

Tongue in cheek @komemiute buddy. Delete if needed mate. But I wanted to enter!!! Plus all my wasteland 2 screenings were deleted when I formatted my pc lol.


@NEVO and @Victork2
Hahaha no worries!
As long as you like what you play and “feel” it I’m ok with literally any game.

I just hope you’ll play the SKALD Demo and report/post/share your feelings about it, one the keys will be in your hands!


This is it- I let it run a tad longer but I guess that’s that. :smiley:
Tomorrow I’ll bring the keys for the participants.

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Thx komemuite, playes well…

…well :slight_smile:


@komemiute Are you still involved? I put off playing until today actually and enjoyed it. I would put in more time if I could reduce the window size and do other stuff. But from what little I’ve experienced the story is well done. Also, there is a hint that it will port onto “the platform of choice for a lot of us” (iOS, maybe?).

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Yup. I’m still part of the team.
What version of the demo are you playing?

Yes, IOS is planned, but not before release.

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I am not sure about the version but I downloaded current as of 3/16. [Edit] Just checked, 1.3.2.

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Ok I’ll report.

Side note!
We’re releasing on GOG.COM!


And we’re on Steam too!
I’m a proper game dev, y’all!


Yes you are! I really, really need to give this game a solid hour. You can tell from the start that the story is solid and not cliche. Not my genre. Not my schtick. But I know that once I give it a solid go, I’ll get hooked.

But yo dev! Make it windowed!


I was one of the lucky ones who had early access and I really enjoyed playing it. Fun, unique and quirky. I will definitely be buying when it comes out.
Let me add, I would obviously of bought it to support @komemiute, but the game genuinely held up on its own merit.
Regardless of our friends being in the development team, I really am looking forward to playing the full game through.