DCS: Syria

I’m glad you said it was good back in the day…mine is still chugging along lol.
I’m due an upgrade as well. But I just A) can’t afford it and B) can’t really stomach doing all the research again lol

In raw CPU power my upgrade may have almost been a side grade. The true upgrade is in stability and bus speed. The speed at which the box shuffles stuff around has almost doubled :smiley:


Research really isn’t necessary. Instead, set a budget and then build to that.
I always get the CPU that is about $350. So this time around I got a 9700k, before that a 6700k, before that the 2600K. I always get a mobo about $150 or so.

That’s really all I do. Oh, for the 6700k I had to buy the cooler. It was included with the 2600k and I reused it for the 9700k. I upgrade RAM separately (unless the mobo change required it, like when I went 2600-9700), HDs separately, video separately, etc. Keeps the price down for any one time.


My concern with this new map and the VR FPS stems from past experience with Ugra Media and Normandy.

Until a reviewer gives an honest assessment, in VR, I’m holding off. Its clear though that VR continues to be an afterthought. This is despite it being the future of simming, as it becomes more affordable.


While it is true that Normandy had poor performance, it got a great performance increase after the update, which included switching to the Speedtrees engine.
I guess, and hope, that they learned from that…

I doubt we’ll see any major VR performance enhancements until they revamp the entire graphics engine.
Here’s hoping that this will happen sooner, rather than later… :vr:

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Does this happen with every shiny new toy? I think so. Do we still want them? YOU BET! The thing is this relationship is based on a level of trust. We give ED money for an unfinished product with the understanding they will finish it in a reasonable amount of time. Most of the time, ED keeps that promise. I beleive they are responsible for making the third parties keep this promise too. There are moments of brilliance in this (F-14, MiG-15) and some not so good moments. But all in all, I continue to trust ED/DCS to give me what I pay for and I am satisfied(sometimes eventually satisfied) by thier products. What this brings to mind is the Channel Map. A few weeks ago i purchased the Channel Map. Its taken a couple of patches but it really looks good now and I can build missions on it. There may be some performance issues in the begining but it will get sorted out. I think what ED does not expect if for us to buy early access and treat that as a finished product. It makes them look bad. I expect it will take a while for these products to be fleshed out. Six months is a reasonable time to wait. I bought this map and expect that in a few weeks the bugs will be ironed out. Speaking of waiting, ED, where are my 109’s gunpods?! :grin:


I see your gunpods and raise you huey multicrew :blush:


dude have some patience its only been 7 years. And nevermind the fact it got added a few patches ago and then mysteriously removed.


I got to play around with that multicrew with @fearlessfrog - that was a blast, for what little we could do with it and the murderous bug that when you swapped who was in control it rotated the fuselage 90° and imparted that momentum causing some serious instantaneous G!


Desert frogs?

Why are there so many songs about airplanes?
And what it is like to fly?
Airlplanes are visions not only for pilots
And airplanes have nothing to hide
So we’ve been told and some choose to believe it
I know they’re right, wait and see
Someday we’ll find it, the airplane connection
The pilots, maintainers, and me…


Nothing mysterious about it, it was too early and cause a crash or two, its much closer now, gunner positions are now usable by the pilot not in control, we have been having fun testing it, so once the last of the issues are worked out it will be back.


Awesome! Cant wait to test it in beta.

Yes, the one thing that DCS will never need is a feature that causes crashes!

While it’s frustrating for a feature to be delayed, instabilities are far, far worse. Better to be able to do everything else alright than have this one new shiny but everything brought low.

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Oh man, that sounds like a ton of fun!


Interesting little tidbit at 13:52… :smiley:

The “Ha!” @2:16 is not quite a “hey what’s that … doing there”, but still…


But far more interesting than a bunch of (longbow!) Apaches is the two statements near the end: Cyprus is happening, when and how is TBA. The other is that the map is on track for a summer release. It’s about good to go I reckon.