DCS: The Border Campaign

If I had to prioritize the skills needed, number one, the one I failed spectacularly several times, is navigation. The Doppler system is helpful. But more importantly is a solid understanding of the ARC-UD and specifically how the 828 couples with it. The step I didn’t understand, but which is necessary, is to press the little tune button after setting the frequency on the 828.

I feel like it trolled this thread a bit in my posts from a few days ago. This campaign has taught me a great deal.


Go wash your mouth out with soap. Turning in circles of various radii until you can smash other aircraft is the true way to fly.

Found one for you. Of course we all expect a review article without delay.




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When I run in with rockets in the Mi-8:

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I’m usually more like “oh heck…why aren’t my rockets firing…oh…I forgot that switch…!”

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It’s like playing a piano!

Or a guitar!

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