DCS: The Border Campaign

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We take a look at the recently released campaign for the DCS: Mi-8MTV2 “Magnificent Eight” module and examine the gameplay as we thump, thump, thump our way across the Caucasus… The Premise Set in the border area of Georgia and South Ossetia (remind me not to invest in property there), you assume the role of…


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Still a NICE read.

Link to the full article: http://www.mudspike.com/dcs-the-border-campaign/

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Nice article!

I plan on giving the campaign a try in a few months … when I have more time. That happens right? The list gets shorter and you can add something to it. Right?


Great read @BeachAV8R and something I think I’d enjoy playing.

The gallery snafu has been fixed and gerbils disciplined.

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Gorgeous pics and very nice read.
One of these days I’ll have to learn what all these switches do :dizzy_face:

It would help if I fed and watered them once in awhile…PETA would disapprove of my gerbil management…

Excellent read. Thanks. The campaigns are really looking good.

I agree: Great read. Great screenies.

I bought the campaign inspired by the prequel Beach wrote a week prior to this article. It’s been fun but honestly I could easily have written more immersive missions on my own. It just doesn’t have the quality and finish that we should expect from paid DLC. But I’ve learned a lot about the Mi8 and especially the need to manage radios. I’ve done worse with $10.

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What’s wrong/lacking ?

Looks fun! How does it compare to the default Mi-8 campaign that plays in the same area?

It is fairly sterile in that there isn’t much “story” background, there isn’t any idle chatter, and the tasks and missions unfold in a very no-nonsense way with very little “emotion” so to speak. The flying is pretty good, and the tasks are good, but it isn’t quite as developed as some other campaigns.

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I think the default campaign is better. But it is something else to do. At $5 (the sale price), I was pretty happy with the purchase. At $10, I would still be OK with it, but probably wish I’d paid $5. LOL

Right. I think part of the problem is that the English localization is partial. I feel like I am missing some key information. And don’t get me wrong, its not bad. For $10, this was a great way to learn one of the most iconic flying machines in history. I’ll relate a couple of niggling frustrations: 1) We have a navigator who is more than happy to give an initial heading and distance–but who seems obliged to keep his trap shut as we fly over the Georgian border to our certain harm. The triggering should be sophisticated enough so that he at least provides a little warning (as in, “Dude, aren’t we uncomfortably close to the border!”). Instead, 30 minutes of flying abruptly ends with a frame freeze and failure message. Another representative frustration is where we are tasked with landing next to a house and quickly scrambled to destroy it. (You will appreciate this spoiler). If you are inside 500 meters when you hit it with rockets your helicopter blows up. No explanation other than boom. Only later after rerunning the mission did I discover that there was an ammo cache in the joint and it is the secondary explosion that takes us out as collateral. (Shoot from afar). A little subtle hint like “we suspect that the bad-guys might be storing explosives here” would have saved a pointless repeat. So yeah, a little testing and refinement would have made the experience more polished and less sterile and haphazard.


Those are all great points, you should suggest those edits on the ED page. Stuff like this is good feedback. I agree that more info the better, I think when you are making a mission you forget that people playing it doesnt have all the knowledge the builder has.


Good ideas, @smokinhole ; also, congrats on your cakeday!

@smokinhole 500 meters is already a tad close to fire anything from the Mi-8 anyway, I think you are to break the run earlier!

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True. But that doesn’t normally kill you (in the game at least).

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