DCS: The Enemy Within 3.0


Originally published at: https://www.mudspike.com/dcs-the-enemy-within-3-0/

A look at the greatly expanded and improved campaign from legendary DCS World campaign maker Baltic Dragon. A fresh take on an old classic Back when I wrote the original preview article about The Enemy Within campaign that was being imported into DCS World 2.0, talks were underway with Eagle Dynamics to offer the campaign…


Cracking read Beach!

I’ve been wondering what to learn next in DCS as I’m inclined to park the Harrier until it’s a bit more bug-free. I was leaning towards the Mirage, alternating with the Viggen depending upon the day of the week and how often people are praising HeatBlur, or maybe revisiting the Huey… But now I have the overwhelming urge to learn the A10.

And can I just say but you’ve outdone yourself with some of those screenshots. There’s some absolutely gems in that lot. Just awesome.


Thanks Chris here too, for an excellent article. And I agree, the screens are great. I like the one with maverick hanging just above the Zu-23 :slight_smile:


As always Beach, a great review. I am definitely going to grab this Campaign

A couple of questions from a professional perspective:

When you write, “…uses over 2,000 custom voiceovers throughout the course of the campaign …” may I assume over 2000 voice clips. How many different voices?

You also mentioned: the transmissions sound and feel authentic in that they don’t come across as corny or amateurish. Not all mission designers can hit just that right tone and mix of realism and playability" Absolutely agree. For @Baltic_Dragon, without giving away any trade secrets, can you describe your thought process to hit "that right tone and mix "?

Beach, you also talked about the airbases being “alive” with various traffic. I feel that is very important for emersion. Even a little thing, like a fuel truck passing by as you are starting engines, gives you the feeling of being there. That said, every “fuel truck” is more CPU cycles. Do you know if DCS has a limit on AI platforms? Either or both the number that can be shown or number that can be “active” in a mission, even if they are invisible to the player?


@Hangar200 to answer your question - I can’t count right now but between 30-40, rather not less. Some appear only once, some (like your squadron pilots with their own callsigns) are recurring much more often.

As for the second question… difficult to tell. I just write it and then judge if it isn’t too much discussion or too dry. I don’t have a recipe I’m afraid…

As for AI assets, whenever I can I use static objects, as they don’t use CPU power.

Also one thing worth pointing out - I tried to think also about little details, like always using the same 6 bort numbers for 6 jet throughout the campaign. I even got a list of bort numbers used by the Flying Tigers in 2012 to make it more real :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers - great stuff. I think you are spot on with the attention to detail. Even if the user doesn’t consciously notice, I think it is noted on some level and adds to the realism.

I have worked with FSX/P3D missions where you can run into a couple of things that will bring you CPU to a crawl if you are not careful. One is AI platforms. FSX has a lot of usable airport clutter objects that don’t use many CPU cycles. To get realistic looking aircraft you really need to use AI even if it doesn’t move. The static scenery aircraft are OK for over on the other side of the airfield but not to park next to.