DCS, "The Fighter Collection," and Potential Partners

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I was wondering if anyone knew the details of Eagle Dynamics connection to “The Fighter Collection”. Are they a division of, a partner, or other? I am just curious, because I know of another Billionaire who happens to own a bunch of flying warbirds here in the Seattle area. As they fly regularly, I think gaining access to these aircraft would be fairly easy for research and measurements. The greatest aspect of this resource is that every airplane he owns is different from what TFC owns save the P-51D.

Wags, if you read this by chance, check out www.flyingheritage.com

Some of the Highlights include the worlds only flying Shturmovik, a Mosquitto, an original Zero, a MIG-29UB, and soon the worlds only flyable ME-262 with Jumo engines. Il-2 Shturmovik | Flying Heritage Collection's Ilyushin Il-2M3 Shturmovik is easily one of my favorite aircraft to see fly during the summer. Be sure to check out their... | By Fight to Fly Photography | Facebook

Extremely unlikely nor mentioned in their collection: http://www.flyingheritage.com/

The original Jumo engine is a ■■■■■■■ when it comes to how sensitive it is, no parts for it are made anywhere and the maintenance time and costs would be through the roof.

besides, the ME-262’ that do fly are replica’s with F-5 engines used as a substitute.

Doesnt TFC Own Eagle Dynamics?

or at the very least manages Eagle Dynamics.

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For the first time in well over half a century, a German Junkers Jumo 004 jet engine has been brought back to life! At 2:45 Pacific Standard Time, restorers at Aero Turbine conducted the initial tests on the first of two turbojet engines slated to power the Flying Heritage Collection’s restored Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter. “The tests today went well,” said restorers. “We were able to gather a lot of valuable information that will help with further Jumo engine runs.”
The original WWII-era Jumo 004 was painstakingly re-engineered using sophisticated metal alloy components and modern production techniques in order to overcome the problems encountered with the notoriously troublesome power plants during the war. After many more months of work, the Flying Heritage Collection will finally take the world’s only WWII-era, flyable Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter back into the skies!


Interesting, did some googling this morning and most info was outdated from 2013 with no further information. Unfortunately this is a little light too. Love to have a bit of a noseing around in that engine and see what they really did to the original. I can imagine not much being left of it.

Question is, was the design faulty or did they just not have the right materials?

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Yes and no. Faulty as in functioning then no. It worked. Faulty as in filled with serious design flaws? Then yes certainly. It was rushed into production with sub standard materials produced by slave labourers. Never ends well.

It’s really weird people hang so much on a engineering implementation of a known idea that wasn’t the first nor the best. I suppose it speaks the most to the imagination given that the Nazi’s loved to build weird contraptions.

The TSO(Time Since Overhaul) for this engine is still quite low if the 2013 numbers are correct, 200 hours. Didn’t mention cycles which is usually also a factor, either the TSO or the CSO(Cycles Since Overhaul), whichever is reached first dictates when a shop visit is required.

I am impressed but sceptical.

Sorry for contributing to the off topic direction but I think the FHC’s reason for going for the original engines is for the restoration value. How much it will fly will remain to be seen, their 190A has an original engine as well, only one of its kind. I love that this group 1) does this, 2) is so close to me :slight_smile:

As for the original question, I would love that ED approach a group like FHC, they also have a P-47 like the one they are planning. But TFC does own ED so I dont know what kind of issues that would raise. Also, the owner of FHC is (or was) a big wig at Microsoft… so again, not sure how that would work.

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Then Again…

This is a hour or so drive down the road from me: