DCS Tutorial Collection Website

Hello everybody,

I created a Website based Tutorial Collection and released it a while ago in the ED Forums.
Background information to the Website can be found on the Front page itself or the ED Forum thread.
Feedback is welcome and appreciated, infact I need it to enhance the usability of the Website and add more and awesome Tutorials in Benefit for the whole DCS Community.
Chucks Guides is already a solid part of this Project.

Have fun

DCS Tutorial Collection Website
ED Forums Thread


This is fantastic @MemphisBelle congratulations and thanks for putting this together. Just make sure you keep giving credit to the original authors and this could be an awesome tool!

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Thanks @Victork2, there have been indeed some resource not been credited. I fixed that. Great Feedback, thanks.

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Wow, this is awesome! Thanks!

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Well done, @MemphisBelle! Please feel free to add my Integrated TARGET profile for almost all DCS modules into the Profiles section.

Thanks @HomeFries
I already added it to the Collection a while ago as part of the general profiles Collection

Awesome, thanks!

latest update:
I´ve created a new Category within the Navigation Page to provide Mission Editor Tutorials

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