DCS update download file

Can anyone help with this please. Its stopping me updating

I started updating last night, but ran out of time so I cancelled it. Now I have this issue. I have repaired, cleaned and restarted.

It makes no difference trying to update through DVCS itself or Skatezilla

Seems to me the Hard disk your installation is in doesn’t have 50GB free.

Inside the DCS World folder there should be a number of folder named “_update” or something.
You can erase that.
Or empty the desktop trash-bin.

Taking out the trash worked. Thankyou. I need to move stuff to my almost empty 2TB D drive


What about the folders labeled _backup.xxx? TIA


Pretty sure you can delete the ones from 2015 :slight_smile:

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Ha ha ha.

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I will steal the idea of having a „Simulations“ folder. I keep naming it „Games“ since decades. How did I never notice!!


how about “Downloads” folder? like half year back I had all my sims there :slight_smile:

now I have dedicated disc for it so no subfolders anymore


Beats the %temp% folder by miles! :wink:

Argh, yeah, that’s those I meant!

Thinks the trash bin is allocated a size which you can change, if the bin is full instead of keeping it in trash it is deleted straightaway.( dont know if its easier to undelete though).